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Starbucks Employee Benefits – Starbucks Corporation is the biggest coffeehouse chain in the whole world and they earn billions of dollars every year. And to make sure that they can operate flawlessly, the company always makes sure that they can support their employees. To do this, they offer an amazing range of Starbucks Employee Benefits for everyone that is employed in their company. It includes support for employees’ physical and mental health conditions.

The rewards range from free coffee at stores to various bonuses. Every Starbucks employee can enjoy some of the most amazing and comprehensive perks from the job.

Starbucks Employee Benefits will not only include basic pay and bonus, the employee can also get a lot of benefits, retirement plans, company stocks, and scholarships. Not only that, but they will also receive income protection, guaranteed paid time off, full coverage of healthcare, retirement security, and every support to meet their every type of needs.

Starbucks benefits are the core of support that the company does to make sure that the employees can thrive in their life.

Starbucks Employee Benefits

If you are an employee or you want to work for Starbucks, this article will elaborate on some of the benefits that you will get from the company.

Starbucks Career Benefits and Perks

Starbucks Corporation has been known as an international restaurant chain that specializes in coffeehouses and roastery. Their main objective is to sell hot and cold drinks, micro-ground coffee, and whole bean coffee. The company itself was established by Jerry Baldwin and his colleagues in 1971 and began its operation at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

Currently, Starbucks has more than 30,000 locations around the world. They operate in more than 70 countries, making them the biggest coffeehouse company in the world.

Starbucks Benefits

Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle Washington. Their employees consist of more than 346,000 people that work in corporate offices and in stores everywhere around the world.

The Starbucks Employee Benefits are given to the employees to make sure that they can provide a unique and comprehensive service for the customers. The company also wants to keep its employees loyal, happy, and engaged while serving customers. Therefore, they provide various types of saving plans as well as employees’ retirement plans.

Starbucks Career Benefits

This article will help you find out about the benefits that you can get from Starbucks if you are an employee or want to work for the company.

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Starbucks Job Benefits (Empowered To Live Life Well)

Starbucks always wants to make sure that they can give a good impact on the career of their employees. This is why they offer services such as full coverage healthcare insurance and amazing career benefits for everyone working under their brand. The benefits include:

  • Health coverage – there are multiple choices and multiple levels of coverage for health insurances offered for the employees. Most of them will cover medical, dental, vision, and hearing plans, as well as accident and disability coverage.
  • Paid time off – every employee is eligible to get paid time off days as well as parental leave. The company will also give up to 1.5 times of hourly rate for any employees that work on federal holidays.
  • Stock and Savings – the company will match the employees’ 401(k) retirement plan as well as giving them a chance to get discounted company stocks so they can be a part of the company’s equity reward program.
  • Parental Leave – every employee that has a new child in their family will receive Family Expansion Reimbursement for up to $10,000 if they are eligible for the program. The employees will also receive paid time off and parental leave.
  • Commuter Benefit – employees will be able to receive transit passes and other reimbursements for commuting expenses. This is to make sure that employees will not need to spend more money to get to work.
  • Education – eligible employees will have an opportunity to get a new degree through an education program with Arizona State University. This program will cover 100% of the tuition as well as their coaching and counseling fees.
  • Partner Assistance – Starbucks with their Caring Unites Partners (Cup) Fund will help any employee that experiences extreme circumstances in their life.

Starbucks Employee Benefits and Perks

Other Starbucks Employee Benefits

There are also other perks that can be enjoyed by the employees of Starbucks, including:

  • Coffee and tea mark out

Eligible employees will be able to receive a box of tea or a pound of coffee for every eligibility period.

  • In-store discount

The privilege of up to 30% discount can be enjoyed by employees if they want to purchase beverages or food in the store.

  • Affiliate discounts

By working for Starbucks, the employees will be able to get discounts on other companies that are affiliated with Starbucks.

  • Recognition programs

Starbucks as a company will always recognize the contribution of every employee and will make it as a base for their career advancement.

Starbucks Employee Discounts

  • Care@Work by

Every employee in the US can have up to 10 replacement days so they can take care of their kids or their families.

  • Partner networks

The company offers a resource for the employees so they can serve the communities and connect with them.

  • Spotify premium subscription

Every employee in the US can get a full service of Spotify.

  • Matching gifts program

The company will match employees’ contributions to nonprofit organizations for up to $1500 every year.

  • Elite athlete program

The company will support every employee that participates in sports programs at the international level.

  • On-site Gym, Daycare, and Dry-cleaning

To improve and enhance work-life balance, the company provides various services to take care of the employee’s household needs.

Starbucks Partners Discounts

As you can see, Starbucks Employee Benefits are very beneficial for everyone working for the company. The benefits will enhance the work-life balance as well as the personal and financial needs of every worker.

Starbucks Customer Service

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Working for Starbucks can be a good way for you to build a career while reaping all the Starbucks Employee Benefits to enhance your career and secure your financial needs.