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Plenty of Fish (POF) is a very popular online dating website that has over 100 million members all over the world. People who want to find a lifetime partner, or simply those who are curious about online dating, choose to join Plenty of Fish due to its popularity and good reputation.

Online dating can be very fun, especially in Plenty of Fish free dating site. However, there are many people who still reluctant to join because they are feeling unsure about posting their profile in a place everyone can see.

Besides, no one can guarantee that there are attractive people in the online dating platform. If you are experiencing this dilemma, then you simply need to learn how to search POF without registering.

You can use the search feature and find out whether there are any attractive users that steal your heart in Plenty of Fish. If you want to try performing search POF without registering, please follow these steps carefully.

Search POF without Registering

There are 3 search features in POF – Basic Search, Advanced Search, Username Search. Firstly, let’s find out how to use Basic Search POF without registering.

  1. First of all, open
  2. Click Search tab. It is located between Meet Me and Online tab.
  3. Basic Search page will be opened. You can fill the search criteria based on gender, location, age and many more.
  4. Click Go Fishing and the search result will be displayed.

To do Advanced Search POF without registering, follow these instructions below.

  1. Open the official website of Plenty of Fish
  2. Just like Basic Search POF without registering, to do Advanced Search, you need to click the Search tab.
  3. The Basic Search tab will be opened. You need to click the Advanced Search tab which is located right beside Basic Search.
  4. With Advanced Search, you can put more detailed information of the person you are looking for. In addition to the criteria in basic search, with Advanced Search you can also search POF users by religiosity, body height and zip code.
  5. Click Fishing Button and see the search result.

This time, let’s find out how to do Username Search POF without registering.

  1. Just like usual, open
  2. Choose Search that is located between Meet Me and Online tabs.
  3. Basic Search tab will be opened. To search Plenty of Fish users by their username, click Username Search tab.
  4. Type down the username that you want to search and then click Find User. Remember, you need to know the username of the POF member that you want to search, or at least a part of it, to use this search feature.

You can use Search POF without registering to know whether or not Plenty of Fish is the online dating platform that you want to choose. If you found some interesting users that you want to get to know more from the search result, then you need to create Plenty of Fish account.

Once you register to the site, you can start interacting with those attractive POF users.

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