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REI Employee Benefits Guide and Discounts – REI, or Recreational Equipment, Inc., is a retail and outdoor recreation services company based in the United States.

REI is a consumer co-operative that specializes in selling outdoor gear and clothes, as well as associated services and educational programs.
Around 13,000 people are employed by REI, which has 165 retail locations across 39 states.

Because the firm views its people as its most valuable resource, it strives to keep them satisfied, loyal, and invested in the company’s future.

In order to do this, the firm offers a distinctive and comprehensive REI Employee Benefits package, which has a significant influence on the professional lives of employees.

With REI Employee Benefits packages, the firm is able to keep its talented and hard-working employees and improve consumer satisfaction.

To learn more about the outstanding benefits, perks, and discounts available to REI employees, please continue reading.

REI Employee Benefits & Discounts

Employees at Recreational Equipment, Inc. may take advantage of a variety of affordable and useful retirement, health, and medical benefits, as well as other perks to help them look after their own well-being, that of their families, and their financial security in the years to come.

REI Employee Benefits

The primary goal of REI’s Employee Benefits program is to provide the employer’s family with a stable source of income in the event of the employee’s death. REI’s defined contribution pension plan encourages workers to put money down and invest it for their golden years, giving them a reliable stream of income in their later years. With REI Employee Benefits packages, the firm is able to keep its talented and hard-working employees and improve consumer satisfaction.

As an employee of REI, you’ll be able to take advantage of a variety of advantages and discounts.

Healthcare: Health, Life & Disability Plans

For this reason, REI provides a generous benefit package to both full- and part-time employees.

The REI Flex Plan is open to all workers who put in at least 20 hours each week.

The medical insurance available to Recreational Equipment, Inc. employees and their families are many.

Most of REI’s medical plan costs and the full cost of basic life and disability insurance are covered by the company.

A number of additional coverage options are available to employees, including long-term care and vision care.

Retirement & Profit Sharing

The Retirement and Profit Sharing Plan offered by Recreational Equipment, Inc. is one of a kind in the retail sector.

If the firm is profitable, qualified workers will get an extra 10% in discretionary funds on top of their regular 5% contribution.

The Plan is entirely funded by REI.

In order to receive a REI contribution, employees are not needed to make a personal donation from their paycheck.

Though the firm encourages its workers to contribute to the typical 401k, it does not require them to.

Annual Incentive Planj

Employees at Recreational Equipment, Inc. are rewarded annually for exceeding their personal, departmental, and corporate objectives.

For the yearly incentive plan, which is open to all workers, reward goals are determined by the employees’ pay grade.

Compensation Philosophy

An all-inclusive benefits package, which includes competitive base salary, incentives and other perks like significant discounts for workers and other advantages like flexible schedules and flexible hours, is part of REI’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding its staff for their efforts.

Besides competitive salary and an above-market incentive scheme, REI also provides a cash compensation package.

As a result, all regular REI employees, full-time and part-time, are eligible to participate in the company’s yearly incentive scheme.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employees who participate in this program are eligible for financial aid to help them pursue higher education. The course of study might be geared at enhancing one’s existing position or pursuing a new one with REI.

Professional Growth & Development

When given a chance, motivated employees will take full advantage of their opportunities and contribute to the company’s success.

Employees at REI are encouraged to grow and develop via professional training and development seminars, as well as a work environment that promotes internal advancement and progress.

You’ll learn about REI in a customized orientation for new employees.

Aside from the stewardship projects and outings, all new workers have the opportunity to engage in a stewardship or community service activity.

Family & Medical Leaves

Allowances for medical and family leave for workers who do not yet qualify for FMLA leave are provided by REI.

Rei extends FMLA leave for the care of a spouse, spouse’s kid or sibling of the spouse. Working moms and dads may take advantage of two weeks of paid parental leave via REI.

Time Away from Work

In addition to vacation days, paid time off includes the following:

  • sick pay
  • vacation pay
  • sabbatical pay
  • 8 paid holidays

Employees who have worked at REI for at least 15 years are eligible for their first paid sabbatical, which entitles them to four consecutive weeks of vacation time.

Personal Leave of Absence

Earned time off isn’t always enough. Workers at REI have the option of taking up to a year’s worth of unpaid leave.

If your boss agrees, you may take personal time off to do things like volunteer work, tour the world, or even go back to school.

Culture & Work Environment

Working with individuals we like is the best part of our jobs. And at REI, we get to do that. We are united by a love of the great outdoors and a desire to participate in outdoor activities. And REI’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it easy for us to get to know one other and learn from one another.

At REI, we do not discriminate on the basis of any of the following or any other legally or policy-protected characteristics: race/ethnicity/national origin/citizenship/veteranship/sexual orientation/gender identity/disability/etc.

The right of every employee to work in an environment free of harassment and intimidation is respected by REI by taking reasonable measures to preserve that right.

Additional Benefits at REI

  • Work/Life Employee Assistance: Workers may utilize the REI Work/Life program to achieve a work-life balance. Employee assistance programs like this one provide resources, recommendations, three in-person visits, and emotional support in the pursuit of a healthier work-life balance. As part of this program, REI even offers a helpful service, sort of like having an own concierge!
  • Employee Referral Bonus: Recommendation bonuses ranging from $100 to $2,000 are available to REI staff who successfully get a new job after referring a friend.
  • Public Transit Subsidy: Customers who utilize public transportation on a regular basis may get discounts of up to 50% at any REI shop. Employees at REI’s headquarters may be able to join vanpools as an alternate mode of transportation.
  • Relocation Support: Full-time workers who relocate more than 50 miles for a new job are eligible for financial aid from REI.
  • Adoption Assistance: Reimbursement for adoption expenses of up to $3,000 is possible for adoptive parents who qualify under the REI Flex Plan.

And that’s not all.

As a further perk, workers may additionally take use of these additional benefits:

  • Every day, wear a casual outfit,
  • Adaptable work hours,
  • Retirement planning and investment advice,
  • nationwide inexpensive gym/fitness facility,
  • support for the student loan scheme.

These hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee and bike rides, as well as a variety of jogging, yoga, and CrossFit workouts.

REI Employee Discounts

A 50% discount on REI Gear and Apparel is given to workers of REI. 30 percent off vendor stuff and 10 percent off sale items are also included in this program.

In addition, our vendor ProDeal Discount Program is available to REI staff members. Direct purchases from suppliers at or below wholesale prices are permitted under this scheme.

REI Adventures, our in-house travel agency, offers exclusive rates for REI employees. The majority of excursions have a discount of 30% while just a few trips have a discount of 10% for REI members.

REI Adventures provides vacations across the world and right here in the United States.

REI’s Outdoor School also offers reduced courses for employees who want to master a new skill or hobby.

Employees at REI are given one day off every six months to enjoy the great outdoors.

For our staff, Yay Day is an opportunity to be inspired by nature, either by participating in their favorite outdoor activity or by helping to establish access to inspiring areas via conservation efforts.

Employees of REI may apply for an unique award to help them reach their own outdoor challenge objectives via the Challenge Grant program.

REI Employee Benefits Help Center

You may learn more about REI’s compensation and benefits at (in English only).

The reasonable accommodation procedure at REI may be contacted through email at or by phone at 1-800-999-4REI ext. 4747 if you think you need one while looking for work.

Alternatively, you may phone (888) 256-4920 to reach The Network’s Reasonable Accommodation Request Line for REI.


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