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If you are a member of PlentyofFish (POF) online dating site, you definitely know that your profile find a very important role in finding you a match. It means you have to make sure that your profile is able to represent who you are.

Maybe you have read so many tips regarding how to improve your profile. Unfortunately, some of them are not only ineffective, they also can make your profile looks weird.

If you want to edit your profile properly, you need to learn about profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish. To help you create the best profile ever, here are some profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish.

Use a Memorable Username

There are many advantages you can get by creating a unique username. When people use the search feature and they find a memorable and usual username, they definitely will click that one first.

This is why using a memorable username is one of profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish and you certainly should try it.

Funny username will show your sense of humor, which is a quality many people like in a lover.

Upload More Than 3 Photos

Using a nice profile picture is one of the most popular profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish. But if you want to step up your game and create an even better profile, then don’t just focus on the profile picture.

You also need to upload more photos to your profile. As a matter of fact, an attractive profile must have at least three different pictures.

No matter how great your profile picture is, it is just one photo. It is not able to represent all the good side of yourself. If you have at least three pictures in your profile, you will be able to show your various charms.

You also can upload a picture of yourself when you are doing something you like or when hanging out with your friend, which will make you look more fun and approachable.

Create a Nice Profile Description

Writing a nice profile description will always be one of the best profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish. When someone who visits your profile wants to get to know you more, they definitely will read your profile description.

So, it is your first chance to make a nice first impression. Just be honest about who you truly are and choose words that people can remember easily.

Think About Your Headline Carefully

Writing a good headline is one of the greatest profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish, but people often neglect. Some people simply don’t bother to read everything you write in your profile. But with a nice and catchy headline, people will have a glimpse of your personality.

Contrary to profile description, you should not write long headline. Keep the sentence short and simple, but attractive enough to make people want to read the rest of your profile.

There are still many tips regarding profile tweaks that work on PlentyOfFish but those four above are the most essential. If you edit your profile according to those tips, you definitely will start getting more messages from the other POF users.

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