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Plenty of Fish is a great online dating site for singles who want to find match in the online realm. With more than 100 million of members, Plenty of Fish becomes one of the most popular online dating platforms in the world.

There are several things that make Plenty of Fish better compared to similar dating sites. Firstly, it is 100% free.

Furthermore, it also has plenty of interesting features that make finding a match online easier than ever. One of the best features that every Plenty of Fish member must use is the search engine.

POF search engine is special because it can search person by their zip code. It means, with POF zip code, you can find a match that lives around your area, POF zip code also will be helpful if you want to find an attractive POF user that lives in certain neighborhood.

To access POF zip code, firstly you need to make an account on the platform first. After that, you must go to the Advanced Search because that is where the postal code search located.

POF Zip Code

Plenty of Fish is popular all over the world. But it is even more well known in some countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States.

There are some zip codes in those countries that are widely searched by POF users. It means, those areas have plenty of POF members. Here are some of the POF zip code that you can search as well.

  1. Postal code 85001, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
  2. Postal code 10016, New York City, New York, United States.
  3. Postal code 3000, Perth, Australia.
  4. Postal code 0800, Darwin, Australia.
  5. Postal code 7000, Tasmania, Australia.
  6. Postal code K0H, Ontario, Canada.
  7. Postal code V0H, British Columbia, Canada.
  8. Postal code T0G, Alberta, Canada.

To use POF zip code feature is very easy but you need to go to the right place. Remember, POF zip code search is located in the Advanced Search, not the Basic Search.

Plenty of Fish has three search features, Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search. You can use the three of them to find a match that suits your preference.

In Basic Search, you can search people by their age, education, location, ethnicity, body type, and also sign. Meanwhile, with Username Search, just like what the name suggests, allows you to find Plenty of Fish members by their POF username.

Advanced Search, in the other hand, allow you to enter more specific criteria on the person you are looking for. Instead of general location or state, you can use POF zip code to find a match.

If you search a person by their postal code, you definitely will find someone that lives nearby, which will be very helpful if you decide to take your relationship to a more serious stage. Besides zip code, Advanced Search also allows you to search for an ideal match by their body height and religion.

Make sure you put all the information correctly if you want to find someone that matches your personality and suit your preference in a lover.

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