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Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular online dating platforms in the world. The website has been around for almost 15 years and it has successfully helped so many single men and women to find the lover of their dream.

It is reported that up to this date, the site has more than 100 million registered users. The impressive number is still counting because approximately 60,000 new users sign up to Plenty of Fish online dating website every single day.

With such a huge amount of members, you definitely think that Plenty of Fish is perfect.

Unfortunately, it is not as flawless as you think because the free dating platform still frequently experience several error. One of them is POF who I viewed not working.

Plenty of Fish website has a feature called “Viewed Me” and it allows the users to find out which members have visited their profile. It is one of the most favorite features of the platform.

POF Who I Viewed Not Working

Back on May 26, 2015, POF who I viewed not working and it caused a lot of commotions in Plenty of Fish related forums. Many users contacted Plenty of Fish customer service.

However, since there were too many inquiries, the customer service could not provide fast reply. As a result, the members of Plenty of Fish brought this issue to social media and forums to find out whether the other users also experienced the same problems.

Turned out, thousands of users were also impacted by this situation. Since this feature is very popular, the fact that POF who I viewed not working certainly became a huge issue.

POF who I viewed not working is indeed the biggest error Plenty of Fish online dating website has experienced. The main reasons why POF who I viewed not working became such a big issue is because Plenty of Fish users worried that the free dating platform would take that feature away from them.

Viewed Me is such a good feature so the fact that POF who I viewed not working really made many users worried.  But thankfully, that was only an error and up to this day, the feature is still available.

Besides POF who I viewed not working, the users also sometimes complained that they could not see other members’ profiles. When they tried to click a profile of other Plenty of Fish member, they kept getting error messages.

Instead of being directed to the profile they wanted to see, they were returned to the homepage of Plenty of Fish. This error also caused a huge commotion because there is no point of joining an online dating website if the users cannot view other members’ profiles.

Furthermore, many members also reported that sometimes they cannot access the site. When they try to access the site via Plenty of Fish app or website, the screen showed “no Internet connection”.

The blame certainly fell on the website since the users have double checked that there was nothing wrong with their smart phone or internet connection.

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