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Sometimes when using a new application, there are unfamiliar features, such as not knowing POF what does the green dot mean, or what other features refer to. Learn about what this icon actually implies within the popular online dating service Plenty of Fish.

What is Plenty of Fish (POF)?

Before you’re trying to learn about POF what does the green dot mean, it is better to learn about the application first. A lot of free online dating services appear as sketchy, but is POF any good?

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the internet dating sites that claims to help its users to find soulmate effortlessly. This application is especially popular in USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Ireland, as well as Australia. It was founded by Markus Frind in 2003, and since then the service has raked up over 90 million users across the world.

This dating service has quite plenty of features – that’s why it’s possible to be confused by them, just as not understanding POF what does the green dot mean. These features include messaging, calling, search engine, flirts, favorites, algorithm matching, mobile application, even local events. All of them are available for free, but there’s also option for premium membership with extra great features.

POF What Does the Green Dot Mean

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What Do Colored Icons in POF Mean?

The interface of POF is made to be as simple as possible with straightforward icons and buttons. The simplicity in its functions is meant to suit with users from different range of ages.

Now if you’re wondering POF what does the green dot mean, the dot is actually part of messaging feature. This messaging service is similar to common text-based chatting features, with several helpful items, such as:

  • Green dot: Green dot in POF means that the person you’re currently messaging with is online.
  • Yellow dot: Means that the person is not on the application. However, sometimes it indicates that the person was online recently.
  • Red dot: similar to meaning of green dot in POF that indicates your match status, the red icon indicates that the person is busy.
  • Empty circle icon: Indicates that the person is offline.

The guide on POF what does the green dot mean and other icons above will be able to help you. If this is the first-time you’re using this site, you’d be required to sign in, provide basic information about yourself, and submit your picture. Then, you’d be asked to answer series of questions to determine a matching date according to your preferences.

After finding match, you can decide whether you want to start messaging them. This is the part that usually confuse the users about POF what does the green dot mean. You may chat with your match or even meet them.

Try using this platform if you are someone single and currently looking for a special one. If you have any questions or problem such as POF what does the green dot mean, just refer to their help center page. As the last note, keep in mind to always comply with the terms of service.