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If you are currently trying to find love from online dating, you definitely have become a member of Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Fish is a free dating website with around 100 million registered users and one of them could be the love you are looking for.

To use Plenty of Fish features, the first thing you need to do is to login to your account. Unfortunately, there are many cases where the users forget their username or password.

This is actually very common since in this modern age, you need to remember various usernames and passwords for your email, social media and maybe other online dating platforms. If you forget your Plenty of Fish username, you don’t have to panic because POF username recovery can easily solve your problem.

POF username recovery is very easy. First of all, you simply need to visit the official website of Plenty of Fish.

To access POF username recovery, you need to login to your account. However, since you don’t remember your username, which is essential to sign in, is it still possible to login to your account?

POF Username Recovery

The answer is yes. This is because besides username, you can also login by entering your email address.

Once you have logged in, to do POF username recovery and find out what your username actually is, you can go to your Plenty of Fish profile and you can see your username there.

If you think POF username recovery is no longer needed now that you have remembered what your username is, you can continue accessing the features. But if you want to change your username into something more catchy and easy to remember, you can do it by editing your account.

Besides POF username recovery, it is also important to know how to recover your password just in case your forget it. To recover your password, you must go to http://www.pof.com/getpassword.aspx.

After that, enter your email address that you use to register to Plenty of Fish. Click Submit and wait until a link to recover your password is sent to your email.

If you don’t see any email from POF in your inbox, it is possible that it goes to the Spam folder so make sure to check it. It is possible if you ever mark another POF email as spam in the past.

To prevent another important POF email from getting mistaken as spam, you can add customercare@pof.com to your email’s address book. Click “Not Spam” in the recovery email so that it moves to your inbox. After that, you can click the link inside it to recover your email.

If you have any troubles regarding POF username recovery, or you don’t receive any password recovery email, don’t hesitate to go to http://www.pof.com/HElpCenter/helpCenter_retrieveLogin.aspx or contact the customer service of Plenty of Fish.

Furthermore, try to create a more memorable username and password so you will not forget them again. Username and password is very important to sign in to your account and use POF features so it is going to be very troublesome if you don’t remember it.

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