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Up to this day, Plenty of Fish online dating site has more than 100 million members and over 64,000 new users join the site every day. It is reported that approximately ten million users sign in to the platform daily to find potential match.

Plenty of Fish is praised because it provides dozens of free features. You can use all those features to help you find attractive singles.

Among all those great features, there is one that you definitely should not miss. It is POF username lookup.

Have you ever given this feature a try? If you haven’t let’s find out more about this search feature so you will not hesitate to use it the next time you access your Plenty of Fish account.

To access POF username lookup, firstly you need to visit Plenty of Fish official website. Simply open your browser and type www.pof.com/basicsearch.aspx. It will bring you to the Basic Search page.

POF Username Lookup

To open POF username lookup, you need to click the rightmost tab, the Username Search tab. After that, you only need to type the username that you want to search and the profile you are looking for will be displayed in the search result.

There is another way to perform POF search lookup and it is just as easy as the first one. Instead of arriving in Basic Search page first, you can open username search directly simply by typing www.pof.com/username.

After that, you can type the username that you search and wait until the search result is displayed.

If you know the username of the person you want to interact with, POF search lookup is the easiest way to find their profile. Once you open their profile, you can find so many interesting information about that person.

The information that you can see on the person’s profile include location, ethnicity, education, profession, hair color, marital status, longest relationship and eye color.

You also can find out whether they have children or not, want to have children or not and also whether they have history of drugs use or not. Those information might look simple but it can really help you determining whether you have met the perfect match for you or not.

Plenty of Fish members also can put the type of conversation starters they like in their profile. As a result, you can confidently approach any user knowing that you have something to talk about.

Even though POF search lookup will be really helpful to find potential match, in the end of the day it is your attitude that will speak the loudest. Make sure you are polite to every user you interact with and don’t start topics that can make them uncomfortable.

POF search lookup will direct you to their profile which will show you what they like and don’t. Furthermore, refrain from sending messages with inappropriate content because your account might be deleted because of this.

There is no room in Plenty of Fish for that kind of user. So, if you want to keep your account, conveniently find singles near you and eventually find a match, make sure to be a nice and polite user.

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