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Plenty of Fish is a popular online dating site that was developed by Markus Frind and launched in 2003. This Canada based online dating service is especially famous in some countries including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Brazil.

It also has plenty of members from other countries and this is why Plenty of Fish is available in nine different languages. Behind the success of the dating platform, there are many staffs who work hard in the background.

If you are interested to be the part of the team, then you need to know more about POF USA career.

If you think that POF USA career is all about fun and games, unfortunately you have wrong perception about these jobs.

As a well-known and reputable online dating site with so many members, POF staffs have so many responsibilities, such as making sure the site keeps running, responding to the complaints from Plenty of Fish users and creating a safe and nice online dating environment for everyone.

POF USA Career

As a guide for the staff, POF USA career has three important principles-Relationship, Adaptability and efficiency. As employees of an online dating company, the staffs certainly need to have good professional relationships with each other, which will ensure that every department can work hand in hand in keeping the platform run well.

The next POF USA career core value is adaptability. This principle means that the staffs must be able to provide solutions for any unexpected problems that might occur. Meanwhile, efficiency means the ability to work smart and efficient.

Working in such a busy environment definitely will be tiring. But POF USA career provides so many benefits that make many people show their interest to work in this field.

The benefits POF employees can enjoy include weekly happy hour and fitness classes, office snack, regular lunch, gym access, quarterly hackathons, not to mention RRSP contribution and health benefits. If you want to join Plenty of Fish team, simply visit POF USA career page and see if there are any job opportunities available.

If you have strong analytical skill, expert in SQL, have great knowledge about moving data across various platforms and also experienced in data science and model building, you can apply to be Business Intelligence Engineer. This position is responsible in engineering new data system as well as maintaining and modifying existing data system.

If you think you have what it takes to fill this position, don’t hesitate to send your CV to Plenty of Fish. Besides Business Intelligence Engineer, the POF USA career that currently available now is Network Engineer, Senior Database Administrator, Senior Product Manager and Senior Web Developer.

Besides the permanent employees, Plenty of Fish also hires many volunteers to help monitoring POF forums and the images the users uploaded.

The volunteer job is also very important to make sure that every users will have a good experience in the site and no one is causing ruckus by showing inappropriate behaviors that can make other users feel uncomfortable.

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