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Plenty of Fish has plenty of features that will make your journey in finding your soul mate easier and also more interesting. One of the best features in this dating platform that you certainly cannot miss is Meet Me section.

If you are a veteran in Plenty of Fish, you definitely know how it works and how it is very helpful in finding an attractive person that catches your heart.

Speaking of Meeting Me, there is a new feature that you should try to make your experience in Plenty of Fish more fun. This feature is called POF Super Yes.

When you browse the Meet Me section, there are three options you can choose – Maybe, Yes and No. POF Super Yes is the fourth option. Super Yes is a new addition to the older three options, but it works just the same. It is located between the Yes and No button.

When you open the Meet Me section, you can choose which members you want to get to know more simply by looking at their profile picture.

POF Super Yes

If you like what you see, you can click Yes, but if you don’t simply click No and move to the other profile pictures.

Now, what if you see a Plenty of Fish user that you really like that Yes button is not enough to convey how much you attracted to them? This is where POF Super Yes will play its role.

POF Super Yes will increase your chance of finding a mutual match up to 56.3%, so it is much more useful than the ordinary Yes button. Just like when you press Yes, when you choose Super Yes for someone, the users will receive email to notify them that someone sent them a POF Super Yes.

Since Super Yes will perfectly describe that you are really attracted to them, the users that receive Super Yes from you definitely will be more interested to view your profile and interact with you.

POF Super Yes is indeed a good feature. However, it comes with a price. Unlike the ordinary Yes button, you need to pay to send a Super Yes to someone.

You will need to purchase Plenty of Fish token to send Super Yes to someone. The tokens are very easy to purchase and you are free to buy any amount that you want.

However, please note that Plenty of Fish token has an expiration date of six months.

POF Super Yes is a great way to show your attraction to the POF members that you like. Since you have to spend actual money to send it, the person who receives the Super Yes from you will know that you are not playing games and you really want to get to know them.

However, you also must be careful because Super Yes can attract gold diggers. When the POF users who receive Super Yes knows that you are willing to spend money to get to know them, it is not possible that they will approach you only to get more money from you.

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