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Are you a member of Plenty of Fish (POF)? If you are a member of the largest online dating site in the world, you definitely know that Plenty of Fish has so many remarkable features that can help you find your soul mate faster and easier.

POF free dating platform has millions of registered users and there are plenty of great activities you can do to find a new date. You can create and edit your profile, upload an attractive profile picture, and of course send messages to the other members of Plenty of Fish.

Speaking of messages, this website has two ways of sending messages. They are normal message and quick message. So, what is the difference between POF quick message vs message.

Both features have the same purpose, which is to send and receive messages.

However, there are some slight differences between POF quick message vs message. If you seriously want to find a soul mate in this site, it is very important to know how those messaging features work.

POF Quick Message vs Message

So, what is POF quick message vs message actually?

First of all, let us talk about the quick message first. Just like what the name suggests, you can use quick message to send quick and short messages to other Plenty of Fish members.

To create a quick message, you simply need to go to the mailbox, write down your message and then click Send Quick Msg. This feature also can be used to reply another quick message.

So, what about normal message? What is the difference between POF quick message vs message? Contrary to quick message where you can only send and reply short messages, you can use normal message feature to send more lengthy messages.

Furthermore, besides sending messages, normal message also can be used to send virtual gifts and roses. Another difference between POF quick message vs message is the steps required to send the latter is longer.

To send normal message, you need to visit the profile of the user first, after that click Message “Username” Now. Even though the steps are a little bit longer, but it is still very easy.

Actually, POF quick message vs message don’t have too much of a difference. So, both of them are equally good and functional.

In the end of the day, which messaging feature you want to use will depend on your needs and preference. Everybody has different preferences.

So, if you have a Plenty of Fish member that you like, you can ask them which messaging features make them more comfortable between POF quick message vs message.

Some Plenty of Fish users prefer to use quick message because it is faster and more straightforward. It feels like chatting in popular chatting app.

However, there are also users that like normal message more. This is because you can send longer messages and also virtual gifts for the POF members that you like.

But no matter which messaging feature you will use, you must be polite in every interaction you make. Don’t send inappropriate messages that will make other users uncomfortable, and always respect each other.

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