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Plenty of Fish is a popular online dating site with over 100 million registered users. 10 million users are online daily and countless of couples have met thanks to Plenty of Fish online dating website.

The website was found in 2004 by Marcus Frind and it was dedicated to help people find love. To reach more users and help more people create a successful love story, POF is now available in nine different languages.

Even though many people has successfully find the love of their life from Plenty of Fish, some other people experience a completely different story.

Online dating is not always about fun and games and there are people who experienced POF problems and other traumatizing experiences after meeting people from Plenty of Fish.

Nowadays, rapes, molestation and other criminal activities are often linked to online dating and unfortunately, those things have become POF problems as well.

POF Problems

One of the biggest and most scandalous POF problems in history happened in February 2017. Scott Lazenby, a 27 years old user of Plenty of Fish, raped a woman she met from POF online dating site.

Four days earlier, it was also found out that Lazenby molested another woman in front of her son.

Similar POF problems also occurred in 2017 in Manchester, the United Kingdom. It is reported that the suspect, Ryan Schofield, a Plenty of Fish users, met plenty of women from the site and sexually attacked eight of them in the span of seven years.

Just like Lazenby, it was not Schofield’s first offense. He was involved in a dating violence case after assaulting his girlfriend in ten years ago.

Those are the most scandalous POF problems, but unfortunately, not the only ones. In 2012, Plenty of Fish online dating service was sued by the parents of Peter Bucks, United States Army Lieutenant.

It was because an imposter was using the photo of the late Lieutenant Peter Bucks in Plenty of Fish when in fact, the US Army Lieutenant has passed away in Iraq in 2007.

The case of Carol Carruthers also made it to the long list of POF problems. Carruthers, another user of Plenty of Fish site, was caught sending intimate photos to the men she on POF from her office.

Normally, it won’t be a problem. But what made this case big was the fact that the 61 years old women was working in an institution that related to children protection.

Those POF problems made it to the headlines and caused stirs among online dating site users, especially Plenty of Fish.

However, Plenty of Fish problems are not only limited to that. The fact that the website often goes down also becomes a big problem for POF. This problem makes the members of Plenty of Fish worry about the safety of their data.

Furthermore, it is reported that even the representatives of Plenty of Fish also worry that they will loss huge amount of unbacked up data when the website goes down. The higher ups of the dating site certainly need to address those issues to prevent inconvenience for the users.

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