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POF (Plenty of Fish) is a remarkable online dating site. It has more than 100 million registered users, making this platform a safe haven for singles who want to mingle and find love.

Plenty of Fish website has been around for more than 15 years and every year, there are always some new improvements that make the users enjoy their time in the site and eventually find a perfect match.

However, despite of its great features and tremendous popularity, the official website of Plenty of Fish is not perfect. Sometimes, the users complained that POF not working and they cannot use some features of the website.

Those situations certainly caused inconvenience for the users of Plenty of Fish.

One of the biggest POF not working cases happened on May 26th, 2015. Plenty of Fish online dating site has a feature called “Viewed Me”, POF not working which allows the users to find out who visited their profile. On that day, that feature was down and it ensued chaos in social media and Plenty of Fish related forums.

POF Not Working

Many confused users brought the issues forward to social media to find out whether the other users also experienced the same problem. Some others contacted the representatives of Plenty of Fish and asked why that great feature of POF not working.

Even though it was only one feature that went wrong, it really affected the users because “Viewed Me” is one of the most popular features of Plenty of Fish.

Furthermore, some reports stated that the error in “Viewed Me” also affected the others, making the other features of POF not working as well.

Plenty of Fish dating site has more than 10 million daily active users. However, when the website goes offline, or when some of the services of POF not working, around 3 million users will leave the website.

This is such a shame because millions of singles will lose their chance to find a potential match until the problems are fixed.

Thankfully, it is very rare to find the website of POF not working. But when it does, it definitely will make it to the news and the loyal users of the dating platform will talk about it in social media.

Social networking sites will be flooded with questions and curiosities of Plenty of Fish users regarding the issue. They will go to social media to find out when what is going on with the site and when it can be used again.

Actually, when a user cannot access Plenty of Fish site, the fault is not always on the website. There is a possibility that the error lies on the user’s smartphone. This issue is actually very common.

So, when users fail to access the website, there are two possibilities, the site is down or there is some problem with their smartphone.

Therefore, when the users cannot access POF website, it is best to go to social media first and find out whether or not the other users experience the same problem.

If there are no similar reports in social media, it is safe to say that the problem is on the user’s smartphone.

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