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Plenty of Fish is a remarkable online dating platform which allows the users to meet attractive singles in their area. Plenty of Fish is said to be one of the biggest online dating sites in the world because it has over 100 million users and more than 10 million login to their account daily.

Plenty of Fish is very popular because it has so many excellent features that are superior compared to the other online dating sites. One of the most used features in this free dating platform is called “Meet Me”, which will suggest you attractive singles that live nearby.

The best thing about this feature is you can set POF Meet Me search radius. Plenty of Fish is an excellent online dating platform so it can match you will people who are 1,000 km away from you.

But if you prefer to date someone that lives nearby, simply set the POF Meet Me search radius to around 50 km.

Distance matters in a relationship. Many relationship ends because the people involved cannot live too far away from their partner.

POF Meet Me Search Radius

This is why POF Meet Me search radius becomes a very important feature. If you think distance is not an issue and you simply want to meet someone who matches your personality no matter where they live, then you can use the Meet Me section without making any adjustment.

But if you want to meet someone that lives nearby, then make sure to set the POF Meet Me search radius accordingly.

Even though this feature is great, it turns out that many Plenty of Fish members have some complaints regarding POF Meet Me search radius. According to the users, Meet Me still showed people who live far away from them even though they had adjusted the search radius.

Some POF members suspected that this problem occurred because this feature was reserved for the paid members. As a result, the free members could not use it.

However, it turns out that even the paid members also experienced the same problem, which shows that POF Meet Me search radius is seriously flawed. The users, especially the premium members, have complained about this and have stated their disappointment in POF related forums.

Unfortunately, up to this time Plenty of Fish has yet to improve this feature.

Even though POF Meet Me search radius is disappointing, there are still many other features that you can use, for example the messaging feature, which is the main method of communication in this site.

Furthermore, you can also use the three search features (Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search) to find Plenty of Fish members that match your criteria.

In addition, you also should not forget to download Plenty of Fish mobile app. Even if you have a personal computer, there is definitely nothing wrong about downloading the app to your smartphone.

This way, you can keep accessing your account even if you are not in front of your computer. The app is available for Android, iOS devices and Windows Phone so no matter what your smartphone is, you can use POF mobile app.

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