POF Keeps Deleting My Account, What Should I Do About It?

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Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the largest online dating platforms in the world. Millions of people login to the site daily to find new chance in love.

Plenty of Fish online dating service has myriads success stories and this is why many people join this website, to make their own successful love story.

However, despite of the popularity of the platform, Plenty of Fish users still experience some technical problems.

POF keeps deleting my account that is one of the most common complaints from the Plenty of Fish members. In POF related forums, you can find many users wondering “why does POF keeps deleting my account”.

If the same problem happens to you, there is no need to be confused or feel wronged because the administrator of Plenty of Fish will not delete your account out of nowhere. Plenty of Fish official website comes with a set of rules that bind all of its users.

POF Keeps Deleting My Account

If your account is suddenly deleted, there is a high possibility that you have violated one of the rules of the website. There are also cases when some accounts are deleted by mistakes, but that was very rare.

If it happens to you, you can contact the customer service of Plenty of Fish and ask why POF keeps deleting my account.

Among all the members of Plenty of Fish, it is reported that five percent of them fail to comply with the rules of the website which result in account deletion.

Actually, people who want to use Plenty of Fish service should read all the rules first so they will no longer question why POF keeps deleting my account.

However, most users don’t bother to read the rules and just proceed with making the accounts. So, to make sure you can keep using your account, let’s find out some of the most common violations of rules that lead to account deletion.

  1. Your account will be deleted if you are a spammer. When the system detects that you are sending too much messages to the point of spamming, the result is clear and you should not question “why POF keeps deleting my account”.
  2. If it is found out that you are married, you also should be prepared to have your account deleted. Plenty of Fish website is specially dedicated to singles so married people are not supposed to be here.
  3. You also should not question why POF keeps deleting my accountif you upload inappropriate images, for example pictures that contain nudity. Plenty of Fish is not a place to find sexual favor so such pictures are definitely not allowed.
  4. If you frequently send inappropriate messages or show abusive behavior, POF also will take action by deleting your account. Many people often asks, “why does POF keeps deleting my accountand how does it find out regarding my inappropriate actions in the site?” If many people are bothered by your actions, they will report and blocked you. If your account is reported and blocked too many times, the administrator of the site will delete your account.
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