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As one of the biggest online dating sites in the world, Plenty of Fish certainly has provided the best security measures to ensure the safety and convenience of its users. However, the nature of online dating itself can be very dangerous.

Since people are not able meet directly, it is easy to fake profiles and there are also many bad people that use this platform to deceive the other unsuspecting users.

This problem doesn’t only occur in Plenty of Fish, but also the other online dating services.

Everybody can be a victim in online dating scam, but according to reports, the most victims in this situation are women. Because of this, every woman that joins Plenty of Fish free dating site needs to know about POF guys to avoid 2017.

The users of Plenty of Fish and also some experts compile important data regarding the types of men that often took advantage of unsuspecting women in the year 2017.

POF Guys to Avoid 2017

There are 15 types of men mentioned in POF guys to avoid 2017, but in this article we are going to discuss five types on top of the list.

The first one in POF guys to avoid 2017 list is the bad boys. These types of men have terrible reputation even in real life so there is no reason for you to interact with them in Plenty of Fish.

The second type in POF guys to avoid 2017 list is the player. This type of men usually will contact various girls and promise to have serious relationship with all of them.

You also should be careful to third type in POF guys to avoid 2017, the clingy type. Maybe you will find them cute because they will contact you all the time and ask for your attention.

But this relationship can easily go ugly when they are angry if you don’t reply their messages and even end up stalking you, not only in your Plenty of Fish account, but also in real life.

The fourth type in POF guys to avoid 2017 is those who hate commitment. Maybe they are handsome and nice, but if they only want to have fun and refuse to be in serious relationship, then you are just wasting your time interacting with them.

Last but not least, you also must avoid the lazy type. This type of men doesn’t have any clear plan for their future.

If you only want to look for a new friend, it is not a problem. However, if you want to have serious relationship and build family, lazy guys are certainly not the best husband material.

Now that you know about the list of POF guys to avoid 2017, you should be more careful in interacting with men and use it as a lesson in 2018.

It is okay to have fun, but also be cautious because in an online dating platform, it is unclear who you are interacting with. If you are careful, you can enjoy your online dating experience in Plenty of Fish and even find a match.

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