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Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the largest online dating sites in the world. Millions of people login to this site daily and use its features to help them finding their soul mate.

Besides of its excellent features, Plenty of Fish free dating site becomes people’s favorite because registering to this site is very easy.

Once you have become a member of Plenty of Fish, you can choose whether you want to keep being a free user or upgrade your account and get a premium paid membership. There are many advantages of becoming a premium Plenty of Fish member.

You don’t have to be afraid to upgrade your membership. If somehow you are unsatisfied or you think free membership is enough for you, you can always get POF downgrade anytime you want.

With POF downgrade, you can cancel your premium membership and you can enjoy Plenty of Fish features without having to pay anything.

POF Downgrade

To learn more about POF downgrade, there are some things that you need to know about the system for upgrading and downgrading Plenty of Fish membership.

The first term that you need to know is Billing and Payment. When you agree to become a premium member of Plenty of Fish, it means you also agree to provide your credit card information for the purpose of Plenty of Fish Billing and Payment.

The next thing you should know is about Automatic Renewal. When the period of your upgraded membership has come to an end, this feature will automatically renew your paid membership so that you don’t have to repeat the registration process from the get go.

When you choose to get POF downgrade, you are basically stopping the Automatic Renewal process.

The third one is about Cancellation of Service. If you are sure that you want to POF downgrade, make sure to pay attention to this section.

If you want to cancel the premium membership service and you use PayPal, you have to contact PayPal to cancel this service. You cannot wait for POF representative to do it because POF cannot do it on your behalf.

You, as the account holder, is the only one that have this right. But before you proceed with the POF downgrade, please note that if you cancel the service in the middle of the period, or there are some services that you have yet to use, those things are not refundable nor transferrable to another account.

The fourth one is regarding Removal of Information. Once the process of POF downgrade is completed, you will not be able to use the premium features anymore.

If you also delete the account, then your profile will be deleted and cannot view any messages anymore.

Last but not least, please pay attention to Termination of Access to Service too. Even if you don’t delete your account or downgrade your premium membership, Plenty of Fish has the rights to remove your account if your account is suspected of doing illegal or inappropriate action.

So, it is important to always behave nicely in this site.

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