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Search feature is one of the most important features of Plenty of Fish that every user needs to use. With search feature, the user simply needs to enter the criteria they want to find in a lover and the search engine will display Plenty of Fish profiles that match those criteria.

This popular online dating platform has three different search features. They are Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search.

But if you want to find a match with very specific criteria, then POF.com Advanced Search is the most helpful among the three of them.

If you know how to use Basic Search, then you won’t find any issues in using POF.com Advanced Search. This is because both search features are basically the same.

However, while Basic Search only allows you to search for Plenty of Fish members by their age, sign, body type or ethnicity, POF.com Advanced Search has more specific criteria such as religion, body height and even zip code.

POF.com Advanced Search

With Advanced Search, the search result will display people who really match your preference in men or women. As a result, the chance to build relationship will be bigger.

Furthermore, since this search feature allows you to search with zip code, meeting attractive singles that live in your area is highly possible.

If you can find someone by using POF.com Advanced Search, it means the other Plenty of Fish users also will be able to find you from that feature.

However, to make sure that your Plenty of Fish profile will be shown on the search result of POF.com Advanced Search, you must complete your profile first.

There are some important information that you must fill on your profile such as age, sex, height, ethnicity, education, marital status, smoking and drug habits, income level, religiosity, postal code and many others.

Don’t skip on any information, otherwise your profile will not be shown up on Advanced Search result.

One of the best thing about the Advanced Search is your search criteria will be automatically saved. So, the next time you login to your account and want to use the feature again, you don’t have to enter the search criteria from zero anymore.

Simply access the Advanced Search feature like usual and you can find POF profiles that match your ideal type. If you want to change your search criteria, you are also free to do so.

Even though POF.com advanced search is the best one to help finding your ideal type in Plenty of Fish, make sure to use the other two as well. If you are pretty flexible with your ideal type, Basic Search will display more POF users, which means you have wider ranges of users to choose from.

If you already know the specific username of a user and want to find him or her, then you should use Username Search feature. POF.com Advanced Search, Basic Search and Username Search will make your quest to find a match in Plenty of Fish easier so don’t forget to use all three of them.

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