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Plenty of Fish online dating site is praised because it has plenty of nice features. Because of the features, there are more than 10 million users accessing the site every single day to find the love of their love.

Speaking of features, video chat is one of the newest features of Plenty of Fish. As of now, it becomes one of the favorite features in this platform because it makes interacting with the other Plenty of Fish members easier.

If you want to use this video chat feature, firstly you need to know how to do POF cam activation. POF cam activation is necessary to ensure that the webcam is working properly so the users you are interacting with can see your face.

If you want to know how to do POF cam activation, please continue reading this article.

POF Cam Activation

Firstly, click Start on your computer and then type webcam on the search bar. Once the list is displayed, choose the webcam that you will use for video chatting in Plenty of Fish.

There is another way to find the location of your webcam in your computer. If the first method doesn’t work, simply open Control Panel, choose Hardware and Sound and then open Device Manager.

After that, choose Images Devices and you will see the webcam. If there is a webcam detected, you can continue the next POF cam activation steps.

Now, open your Plenty of Fish account and then click “Tools”. After that choose “Options” and tap “Video Settings”. If the webcam is detected, it means POF cam activation is succeed and you can start video chatting without any problems.

Furthermore, make sure to always click “Allow” if the browser ask your permission to access the webcam. Actually, POF cam activation is not always necessary.

You can skip those steps above and start video chat right away because most of the times, the system will automatically detect the webcam in your computer.

But what if you have performed all the steps of POF cam activation but nothing works? There are several possibilities for this. Firstly, there is a problem with the webcam itself.

Secondly, there is something in the computer that is not supported by Plenty of Fish system. For example, if your processor is not compatible with Pentium 4, then there is a possibility that the camera will not be detected.

Furthermore, maybe you forget to click “Allow” when the browser asks for your permission to access the camera.

Plenty of Fish video chat is a nice feature. But make sure to be careful if you want to video chat with someone. Since video chat will show your face, make sure to only use this feature with users you trust.

If someone wants to video chat you, but you are not sure about who that person is, simply reject the request for your own safety. If you hesitate to use POF video chat, there are still many other features that you can use to interact with other users, such as message and audio chat.

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