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If you are single and want to join a nice environment where you can make friends and find potential match, you certainly need to register to Plenty of Fish online dating website.

Plenty of Fish is very famous all over the world and it even has more than 100 million users. In addition to a chance to meet millions of users, Plenty of Fish also comes with features that can help you find the best match for you.

You can upload a nice profile picture to attract other singles, search POF users that you like, sending messages and even virtual gifts to people that you like.

Plenty of Fish is great and all, but sometimes the users still experience some problems with the site. One of them is POF app not working on 3G.

Somehow, some users cannot access POF when they use 3G coverage or use 3G smartphone and it certainly affect their experience in the site. So, what actually went wrong when POF app not working on 3G?

POF App Not Working on 3G

Actually, Plenty of Fish official website never announce that POF app not working on 3G, which means it should work perfectly fine under 3G coverage. So, when you find that your POF app not working on 3G, there is a high chance that the problem is actually on your phone setting.

Maybe you have set your phone incorrectly or maybe there is something wrong with your phone’s internet connection.

There is another possible reason of POF app not working on 3G. There is a chance that you have downloaded the wrong POF mobile app. To avoid this problem, you need to download Plenty of Fish app from trusted source.

If you are an Android user, only download the mobile app from Google Play Store. If you use iOS or Windows Phone, you can download POF app from App Store or Windows store respectively. By using the right application, you will not experience POF app not working on 3G.

POF app not working on 3G is not a common problem. Mostly, it happens simply due to bad internet connection.

So, you should not hesitate to register to Plenty of Fish online dating site and download the mobile app just because some users report problems about POF app not working on 3G. Many users have found their match from this website and this time, it is your turn.

There are millions of users who can vouch for the greatness of Plenty of Fish and how it helped them finding the love of their life.

Furthermore, many celebrities also have featured Plenty of Fish in their music video due to the popularity of this dating site. Some of those artists are Beyoncé, Jason Derulo and Lady Gaga.

Plenty of Fish is a free dating site. But if you don’t mind using some money, you can upgrade your membership and enjoy even more features. Those additional features also will make finding potential match in the site easier.

The good news is, upgrading your POF membership is cheaper compared to premium membership plan of other online dating sites like eHarmony or Zoosk.

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