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If you want to start online dating, it is very important to choose a very popular platform. This is because the more popular the platform is, the more members it has and the more chance you have to find a potential match.

Speaking of popular online dating platform, Plenty of Fish is certainly one of the best options. This free online dating website was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind and now it has more than 100 million active members.

Furthermore, with over 64,000 million new users registered to the site every day, you definitely can find someone you like in this free dating site.

Plenty of Fish also uses unique approach to match the members and ensure that their relationship will work, such as by giving relationship advice and providing customized action plan.

The best thing about Plenty of Fish dating site is definitely its simplicity. You simply need to visit the official homepage of Plenty of Fish in www.pof.com to enjoy all the remarkable features.

POF App for Android

Furthermore, if you are an android user, you also can download POF app for Android. As a matter of fact, besides POF for Android, the mobile app is also available for iOS and Windows Phone. POF app for iOS and Windows Phone can be downloaded in App Store and Windows Store respectively.

So, how about POF app for Android? Just like iOS and Windows Phone, downloading POF app for Android is also very easy.

Here is the step by step guide on downloading Plenty of Fish mobile app to your Android device.

  1. First of all, open Google Play Store from your Android device.
  2. After that, type POF Free Dating App in the search bar.
  3. Once the result is displayed, make sure you click the right POF app for Android.
  4. Click Install and then wait until the download and installation process are completed.
  5. The size of the application is only 15 MB so it will not take too much free space of your smartphone. It also will not take long to wait for the download and installation process to complete.
  6. Once the POF app for Androidhas been successfully installed on your phone, open it and then login to your Plenty of Fish account on you Android smartphone. If you don’t have the account yet, you can register right from your smartphone.

Login to your POF account from POF app for Android is not difficult at all. If you have mastered the technique to login from PC, then you will not find any difficulties to sign in from your Android device.

Just like usual, all you have to do to login to your Plenty of Fish account is simply enter your username and password correctly, and then click the login button. Accessing Plenty of Fish from your smartphone can be a lot more fun compared to accessing it from PC or laptop.

With the mobile app, you can always access your account no matter where you are. If you received a notification, you also can respond immediately so it is possible that you will meet the love of your life faster.

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