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Plenty of Fish is one of the best online dating services in the world. It is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and was found in 2003 by Markus Frind.

Plenty of Fish is not only popular in Canada, but also the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Australia. Due to its global popularity, this site is now available in nine different languages.

So, no matter where you are from, you can access Plenty of Fish free dating site easily.

When you register to Plenty of Fish, you need to create a username. Username is very important because it is how you find people and how people are able to find you.

However, there are many complains about Plenty of Fish username search missing. When they try to find a username in the Username Search section, the username doesn’t appear.

Plenty of Fish Username Search Missing

Actually, what is going wrong with it? Does it mean that you always have to deal with Plenty of Fish username search missing?

To find out whether or not you experience the same problem, Plenty of Fish username search missing, first of all you need to login to your account and then click Search. Once the page loads, there are three different search options that you can use-Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search.

To find Plenty of Fish members by their username, you certainly need to click Username Search. If the search result doesn’t display anything, it means Plenty of Fish username search missing.

Actually, there are two main reasons why Plenty of Fish username search missing and you cannot find the user you are looking for. Firstly, maybe you simply put a wrong username.

When you type the username and then click “Find User”, it certainly will not display the right search result if you type the username wrong. Take a look at the username once again and then try searching again.

If you are sure that you have input the correct username but you experience Plenty of Fish username search missing again, then maybe the account that you are searching has been deleted. If the account is not in Plenty of Fish database any longer, then you certainly will see Plenty of Fish username search missing.

There are several reasons why an account is missing. Firstly, it is the owner of the account themselves that decided to remove their account.

Secondly, the account is deleted by Plenty of Fish because the owner is violating Plenty of Fish regulations. Plenty of Fish is very strict when it comes to making sure that every user follows the rules of the website.

This is a necessary measure to guarantee the convenience of every Plenty of Fish members. When an account is found to violate the rules, for example by uploading fake profile picture, using sexual and inappropriate messages, being rude to other users, the account will be removed immediately.

As a result, when you search their usernames, you certainly will not be able to find them. So, make sure to follow the rules so your account will not be deleted.

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