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PFMLogin at – Fast logistics service is very important in our modern life to support our lifestyle to fulfill everything we need.

An option to satisfy this need is to use the service from Peoplenet Trimble. The company also makes it easier with the availability of a portal at This is the address where you can manage the accounts.

People Fleet Manager (PFM) is one of the best services you can get to fix everything you need for your logistics solution. The PFMLogin offers almost limitless choices for every solution related to transportation needs.

Peoplenet Trimble is the best choice for a company that needs transportation facilities. Every business customer will have access to drivers, trucks, transportations, assets, and many other services that are offered by Peoplenet Trimble.

If you have difficulty in getting a logistic company that is suitable for your needs, then you can reach out to Peoplenet Trimble. They will be able to find a vehicle along with a driver right away.

Aside from those services, the company also provides PFMLogin. This is a portal that can be accessed on the internet that has many features, such as managing vehicles, managing staff, and scheduling drivers. Using this portal will make it easier and more convenient to use those services from the company.

About Peoplenet

Peoplenet is the best choice when it comes to choosing land transportation in the region of North America. This company promises better safety and reduced cost for every single one of your logistic needs. The amazing customer service also makes them a world-class company in the logistics sector.

The company has something that they call Precision Mobility Platform. This platform will bring advanced technology to build their next-generation fleet management. This will also ensure that their business clients can make better business decisions.

Currently, the service is used in around 1,750 transport trucks in the US and Canada. There are also some Fortune 500 companies that use their service to manage their trucks. New services and products are still being developed to bring better fleet management for their clients.

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PFMLogin Benefits

Peoplenet Fleet Manager

  • Digital maps equipped with GPS data to show vehicles’ locations.
  • All vehicles can be tracked easily on the map.
  • Data from each vehicle can be distinguished from one another.
  • Messages can be sent to a particular vehicle.
  • Information can be sent from one driver to another.
  • The PFMLogin manager can be accessed conveniently from your smartphone.
  • The system will track the vehicle with complete information.
  • The user can use the search feature to check the data and location of each vehicle.
  • The user can access Peoplenet Driver Center so they can check the identity of the driver, the name of the fleet, the status of the driver, the last location of the vehicle, along with the vehicle number.

Why Choose Peoplenet Fleet Manager?

PFMLogin offers a lot of features to make it easier to manage a fleet of the company’s trucks. You can simply log in to the portal and you will get those features, including:

  • Managing inventory.
  • Real-time Diagnostics.
  • Financing a vehicle.
  • Claim management.
  • Managing all the drivers.
  • Managing the dispatch system.
  • Managing fuel spending.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule.
  • Navigation and routing with maps and GPS.
  • Trip management.
  • Tracking mileage from each vehicle.
  • No annual fees to use the features on PFMLogin.
  • Scheduling information for every driver.
  • Shift schedule recording.
  • Management to reduce cost and maximize profit.
  • Messaging and email feature to send to vehicles and drivers.

PFMLogin Requirements

  • The main PFMLogin web address where you can enjoy all those features.
  • A registered company ID along with the password.
  • An internet browser to access the web portal.
  • A high-speed internet access on your personal or company device.


To gain access to the company’s PFMLogin account and get all the benefits, do these steps from start to finish:

  • Open the address of, which is the only URL for this web portal.PFMLogin at
  • Type in the correct ID provided by your company.
  • In the field below the ID, type in the correct password.
  • To start accessing your account, proceed by clicking the “SIGN IN” button.

PFMLogin Contact Information

  • Reach out to customer service by calling them at 866-914-5299.
  • Send emails with your complaints and suggestions to

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We hope that this information can clear out any question you might have about the PFMLogin portal at Please leave a helpful comment so you can help out other people with the process.