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Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Discounts. Each and every one of the company’s employees hopes that their army would support them in their every endeavor by offering more advantages, perks, and discounts to them while they are employed with the business.

Orlando Health colleagues, on the other hand, have access to a wide range of career and remuneration prospects, as well as special award programs and fantastic employee perks, to help them improve their working efficiency and bring a healthy and successful career to the fore in the future.

Here are the Orlando Health Employee Benefits, discounts, and perks that you may take advantage of if you’re a staff member of the company and aren’t aware what they are.

Orlando Health Benefits at a Glance

Local community and specialty hospitals in Orlando make up the Orlando Health System. It is a privately owned and operated not-for-profit organization. Nearly 22,000 workers and more than 2,000 connected doctors make it the fourth-largest employer in the state.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits

For decades, it has devoted itself to providing the most comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment options available in the region for a wide range of cancers, heart and vascular conditions, and a number of difficult procedures.

Orlando Health provides its workers and their dependents with a wide range of perks, incentives, and opportunities that are tailored to their needs.

In order to learn more about the Orlando Health employee benefits, discounts, and perks available to you as an employee, read on to learn more about the Orlando Health advantages available to you.

Orlando Health Medical Benefits

With Orlando Health Select, a non-network EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization), members get the maximum level of coverage by accessing only in-network doctors and nurses.

The following options are available to employees:

  • A little copayment is required for a variety of services.
  • Health Flexible Spending Account eligible.
  • Some services are subject to deductibles and coinsurance.
  • Care is coordinated by a primary care physician (PCP).
  • 100% coverage for preventive and wellness care provided by network providers.
  • Tier-based coinsurance applies to prescription coverage.

Pharmacy Benefits

Members of the Select and High Deductible Health Plan are eligible for Pharmacy Benefits. This is a law that mandates the use of generic drugs. Only Orlando Health Scripts Pharmacies may fill your prescriptions for routine maintenance treatments.


Team members and their families may enroll in EyeMed’s optional vision plan. Annual eye exams and lenses/frames or contact lenses are covered under the vision plan. Allowances for the cost of frames and lenses are given to members of the team.


Orlando Health’s team members and Cigna members may choose from three dental plan alternatives. For team members and their families, the dental plan is an optional benefit.

Cigna’s Core Network, one of the country’s major networks, offers coverage via two dental DPPO plans and a DHMO plan.

Life Insurance

Orlando Health provides full-time and variable full-time employees with a baseline life insurance policy of one times their pay; for part-time employees, they get a $5,000 benefit.

If a team member is full-time, variable full-time, or part-time, they must choose a beneficiary.

Team members have the option of purchasing additional life insurance coverage in an amount ranging from 1 to 5 times their yearly basic salary. This coverage is optional.

Medical underwriting is required for amounts more than three times the yearly base wage.

Retirement Savings Plan

In addition to tax benefits and company contributions, the Orlando Health Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) provides a way for people to save for retirement.

The RSP is open to everyone in the team. On the 31st day of work (unless the employee opts out), all team members are automatically enrolled in the plan at 2 percent, which will rise by 1 percentage point every year, up to 6 percent.

After the first year of work, Orlando Health will contribute an additional 1.25 percent of the employee’s qualified pay on top of the matching contribution of $.50 for every $1 earned.

Members of the team are always fully invested in their own accounts, as stated in rule 403 of the code of conduct (b). Orlando Health employees will take responsibility of their contributions.

Flex Spending Accounts

Employees at Orlando Health may save money on taxes by using flex spending. Each year, team members must re-apply for membership.

There are three flex spending accounts at Orlando Health:

  • Healthcare

A benny card will be given to each member of the team for use in paying for medical bills. A minimum of $200 and a maximum of $2,600 are acceptable contributions.

  • Dependent Care

Spending on qualified child care is reimbursable. For reimbursement, receipts must be provided. For a married couple paying separate taxes, the maximum contribution is $2500.

  • Adoption Assistance

Expenses spent when adopting may be reimbursed if they are reasonable and necessary. There is a $5,000 limit on the amount you may donate.


Members of the team who work full-time or on a changeable full-time basis might request disability. Members of a team who are unable to work because of a non-job-related injury or sickness will receive 60% of their basic salary (up to a weekly maximum of $1,000).

Both physical and mental disabilities are offered.

  • Short-Term Disability

During the first six months of their absence, employees may take use of this benefit. The team member is responsible for the expense of this perk. A 15-day, 30-day, or 60-day waiting time is an option.

  • Long-Term Disability

The whole cost of this benefit is covered by Orlando Health. After 180 days of continuous complete or partial incapacity, team members are eligible for this payment.

Critical Illness

An optional Allstate insurance policy helps to cover some of the costs and hazards that may arise for team members who are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Accident Insurance

Workers and their families are protected in the case of an accident thanks to Aflac’s cash benefits, which cover medical expenditures.

Vacation Time

As indicated in the Focus on Benefits Booklet, residents and fellows do not earn Paid Time Off (PTO) hours like other team members.

During the academic year, each resident/fellow is entitled to 120 hours of paid vacation. Unused vacation time cannot be rolled over from one year to the next or compensated in any other way.

Sick Leave

According to the Focus on Benefits, residents and fellows are not eligible for Extend Leave Bank hours.

At the beginning of the academic year, each resident/fellow receives 96 hours of sick leave. You cannot carry over unused time to the next year.

Pet Insurance

Orlando Health has partnered with Nationwide to provide payroll deduction pet insurance.

Direct Deposit

Orlando Health provides workers with the convenience of direct deposit to their bank accounts.

An permission form and a voided check from the account to which the deposit will be made are required for direct deposit sign-ups.

After you request direct deposit, it will take around two pay weeks before it begins.

Payroll may be reached at 321-841-5311 for further information.

Additional Benefits at Orlando Health

  • There is no charge for parking on campus.
  • Free lunches at campus Subway and Starbucks while working and on-call.
  • Laptops are here to stay.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, lab coats are given out free of charge.
  • Medical records and orders may be entered electronically (inpatient and at the outpatient continuity clinic).
  • All computers in the house have access to the library’s electronic resources.
  • From home, you may use the hospital’s computer network.
  • Call rooms that are both comfortable and convenient.
  • Membership in a federal credit union and direct deposit are required.
  • For conferences, publications, and other educational resources.
  • A free ACC membership and a copy of ASAP books.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits Summary

Additionally, Orlando Health provides excellent career and salary possibilities for doctors as well as low-cost medical and dental insurance for fellows and their family members.

  • Full-time, part-time, and on-call roles are available with a wide range of scheduling options.
  • Accounts with revolving credit and insurance against professional liability.
  • 403(b), 457(b), and the required 401(a) government plan for retirement savings.
  • Pay-as-you-go malpractice coverage (claims made & tail coverage).
  • AD&D and group life are equivalent to a yearly income.
  • A house-hunting trip is included in the full relocation help.
  • Discounts on cosmetic treatments.
  • Worker’s compensation benefits.
  • Long-term disability insurance with full financial support.
  • Both life and disability insurance policies are available.

When compared to other healthcare organizations, Orlando Health’s perks for employees go above and beyond the norm. Through generous benefit packages and initiatives, Orlando Health benefits seek to improve the financial and personal well-being of its employees.

Orlando Health Employee Discounts

  • Apartments and Condos
  • Attractions and Entertainment
  • Auto Services, Sales, Rentals, and Insurance
  • Catering
  • Cellphones and Mobile Services
  • Childcare, Schools, Summer Camps
  • Cleaning
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Gifts Gourmet Items Party Planning
  • Hotels
  • Miscellaneous
  • Personal Care, Healthy Lifestyle, Beauty
  • Pet Services
  • Photography
  • Realty & Mortgage
  • Restaurant Dining
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Uniforms


This concludes our look at the many perks and discounts available to Orlando Health employees.

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