Clear Cookies Step-by-Step that You Need to Know

Home / Technology / Clear Cookies Step-by-Step that You Need to Know clear cookies can be something really essential that you need to know. Everyone is using Netflix for movie and TV show streaming these days, but they do not really clean up the cookies. The build-up cookies on a Netflix account can cause numerous errors, and even damage the account or device. That’s why cleaning it up is important.

Clear Netflix Cookie from Your Web Browser

Here is the Netflix clear cookies tutorial for you to follow. You need to follow these steps carefully to clean up the cookies and prevent errors from happening to your Netflix account.

1. Go to Clear Cookies Site

The first thing you need to do when using clear cookies on your Netflix account is to open the website. Go to to start all of these cookie cleanups. Once the website is opened, you will notice your account is going to get signed out.

Do not worry as it is normal, and it is what it should be. In order to clean up the cookies, the account indeed has to get signed out first. You can try signing back soon afterwards.

2. Sign In

The next step on clear cookies is to looking for the sign in tab on the website. The account on Netflix app or browser is now logged out, and you need to sign back in using the website. It will give the information for the website to clear up the cookies.

3. Try Netflix

After signing in, the website should be able to remove all cookies on the Netflix account. Now, try opening Netflix again, and the app should be opened easily and smoothly. Clear Cookies

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Netflix Cookie Clear: Recent Safari Browser

How to clear cookies on Netflix when you use Safari browser? The answer can be found below. It will help you cleaning up the cookies easily all the time.

1. Open Safari Menu

The first thing you need to do when doing clear cookies using a new or recent Safari browser (version 4 and above) is to open up the Safari menu. It is located on the top of the screen.

2. Select “Preference”

Next, you need to find the “preference” option on the menu. Once you find it, click the option. There will be several more options to choose to go to the next step.

3. Select “Privacy”

Of all the options, select “privacy”. Select this option to start removing all the website data as well as the cookies from your Netflix site.

4. Remove All Website Data

You can remove all the website data or just some of them. It can be done by selecting several data or select all to remove all of them.

5. Confirm with Yes

A popup menu will appear to confirm your option. You just select “yes” to clean up all the data and the cookies from your computer or browser. Now, your clear cookies are done.

Netflix Cookie Clear: Older Safari Browser

If you try to do clear cookies using Safari of older version (version 4 and older), you need to follow these steps and do the cleaning up successfully.

1. Open Security Tab

The first thing to use clear cookies when your Safari browser is a bit outdated is to open up the security tab. It is the icon with padlock shape on the browser.

2. Select “Show Cookies’

Now, the next thing on clear cookies steps is to select “show cookies”. It will all show the cookies stored on the browser.

3. Remove the Cookies

The most important thing when doing clear cookies is to click “remove” on the cookies stored in the browser. It will free up space and secure your Netflix account.

4. Click “Done”

It is all done now. All you have to do to finish clear cookies is just clicking “Done”, and then the process is finished.

Now, you have seen a lot of things and numerous tutorials about removing the cookies. Make sure you do it regularly in order to keep the Netflix account of yours running smoothly all the time. Well, clear cookies information is something that should be known by all Netflix subscribers.