Nationstar Loss Draft Department: Taking Property Damage Claim

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The Nationstar Loss Draft Department is the one that will repair your property if your home is damaged from extreme weather, floods, fire, and other causes. This is only intended for a loyal customer of Nationstar, a property and real estate mortgage loan servicing that will protect your valuable assets.

What is the Nationstar Loss Draft Department?

Nationstar Mortgage has been one of the best choices for those who wish to insure their properties in mortgage insurance where an individual or group will receive financial security or a form of return on losses.

While your home has been insured, there is no need for you to be worried when unexpected incidents like natural disasters damage your house, especially if you are a customer of Nationstar. House repair will surely cost a considerable amount of money, and Nationstar Loss Draft Department will cover everything, including the repair expenses.

When your property in need of repair due to hurricanes or floods, you simply need to contact the Nationstar Loss Draft Department after calling your insurance agent to attain the claim checks. However, in order to do so, there are several documents you need to fill and return to the corresponding department.

Even if you still vague about your situation, you can visit the official website of Nationstar to get any information you need as well as all the required documents you need to send to the Loss Draft Department to get your claim check.

Nationstar Loss Draft Department

How to Get the Claim Check in the Nationstar Loss Draft Department?

Nationstar Loss Draft Department urges the client to immediately inform them if their property requires renovation. This way, they can provide a release of claim check in a matter of time if the client filling in the following documents.

  • Repair Document: The first and foremost document required by the Nationstar Loss Draft Department is the document that tells the department about your plan to renovate your property by using the claim check.
  • Adjuster Worksheet: It shows the damages caused to the property and also the estimates of the funds provided by Nationstar, as the insurance company.
  • Proposal/Signed Contract: It’s a signed agreement between the contractor and the owner of the property regarding the reparation of the property.
  • Release of Lien Letter: This letter will be filled out by the contractor who repairs the house.
  • Contractor’s Bond or License: Without this document, you will not be able to get your claim funds from Nationstar Loss Draft Department. Thus, you can’t just choose any contractor, but you should be the one with a license. In addition, you should also prepare the insurance draft and W-9 contractor to confirm the contractor.

Well, once you have filled out all the required documents, make sure you review them again to avoid any missing form, so that the claim funds can be processed quickly. In addition, you can send the documents by fax or send them by regular mail to the office of Nationstar Loss Draft Department.