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MyWakeHealth login portal is a third-party system that provides a way for MyWakeHealth patients to access their account securely and freely.

The site is safe from unauthorized use because it is encrypted and password-protected.

MyWakeHealth cooperates with plenty of different health clinics, medical centers and hospital to offer free services to manage their health care. There are so many features available within the site that will be beneficial for its users.

To mention some of its advantageous features, patients are able to communicate with their doctor’s office and make medical appointments.

Moreover, they can obtain result of health tests, renewals of drug prescription, and summary of their visits. Besides for the patients themselves, the health library is also accessible for the close family members.

Below, you will read and learn the required steps to complete MyWakeHealth login procedure in step-by-step manner to make it easy.

What is Mywakehealth?

MyWakeHealth is a website created for the patients of Wake Forest Baptist Health as a free resource. Wake Forest Baptist Health itself is a leading academic health system that’s located in North Carolina. There are two primary parts of it: the integrated health system with over 2,500 physicians, 5 hospitals, 350 health care locations; and the medicine school that aspires to be leader in medical research and education through advanced discoveries in biomedical and medical technologies fields. MyWakeHealth login portal is a system that offers secure and convenient information access of patient’s medical care. It’s also available for close family members beside the patients themselves, by using authorized use from proxy access.

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Mywakehealth Login Benefits

  • Making medical appointments with the doctors.
  • Asking renewals for drug prescriptions.
  • Making bill payments in practical ways.
  • Checking notes from doctors that’s given during medical visits.
  • Viewing and managing medication information, health test results, summaries of health visits, and instructions of discharge.
  • Receiving reminder notifications of medical appointments trough text messages.
  • Viewing health library.
  • Getting family members’ medical record through authorizing link.

You have read the beneficial features of using MyWakeHealth site. Next, you will read about the signing in process through the portal address and the list of required things to access it.

Mywakehealth Login Requirements

  • Official online portal site address of MyWakeHealth login.
  • A registered user ID and password as MyWakeHealth’s patients.
  • Web browser.
  • Connecting device to internet, such as smartphone or computer.

MyWakeHealth Registration Procedure

Before you are able to sign into MyWakeHealth as patient, you have to register first. Below is the guide to sign up into this medical service site:

  • Open the official online portal site address of MyWakeHealth login at Registration Procedure
  • Select the ‘Sign Up’ menu by pressing on its button.MyWakeHealth Registration Procedure 2
  • Type in your assigned activation code, date birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • If you are yet to have an activation code, you may select the menu of ‘No Activation Code’ that’s located on the right section of the site.
  • Wait until you receive activation code through your email.
  • After the activation code is already in your hand, press ‘Next’ menu and then input needed information details.
  • Input your email address and phone numbers in the designated space.
  • Input the user ID and password of your choice.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ menu to file your user ID.
  • Now you are done with the sign-up process and ready to use your MyWakeHealth account.

MyWakeHealth Login and Pay Bills

Here are the steps to follow after you have registered as users and you want to log into the portal site of MyWakeHealth:

  • Open the official online portal site address of MyWakeHealth login at Login and Pay Bills
  • Input your user ID and password by typing them in the designated spaces.
  • After you’ve inputted the login information accurately, press the ‘Sign In’ menu below the section of user ID and password.
  • Perform the next required steps such as inputting your activation code and birth date to verify your identity as MyWakeHealth patient.
  • Wait for a while until you are being redirected to your account page.
  • To make bill payments, choose the medical bill that you’re about to pay. Input the amount of payment and then select the payment method.
  • After all the details have been provided correctly, select the ‘Submit’ menu by pressing on it.
  • Wait for a while until you receive confirmation message to complete the payment.
  • Keep in mind to save your bill transaction prove for future references.

Mywakehealth Contact Information

Phone call numbers:

  • Customer support team of MyWakeHealth: 855-560-5111
  • Request medical appointment via phone call: 888-716-WAKE (9253)
  • Inquiries related to health or medical problems: 336-716-2255 or 336-716-WAKE (9253)

Mailing address:

  • Wake Forest Baptist Health
    Medical Center Blvd
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157

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Final Words

So, there is a guide of MyWakeHealth login and sign-up process. Additionally, you are able to register on Wake Forest Baptist Health clinics with the help of the staffs and learn how to complete process of login there.