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MyNordstrom Login at – MyNordstrom Login page is a website that is developed by Nordstrom to give comfort to their employees while they try to access their accounts. Employees can have easy and hassle-free access to the portal by accessing the address at If you have no idea about the process regarding the web portal, this article is suitable for you because we will explain every little detail about the process.

You can learn the steps to access the website by following the simple step-by-step of MyNordstrom Login below.

About Nordstrom

My Nordstrom Login

Nordstrom is an American company that specializes in providing luxury products in its department store locations. John W Nordstrom and Carl F Wallin established the company in 1901 as a shoe store. In its development, the company evolved from a small store into a big retailer of footwear, handbags, clothing products, cosmetic products, jewelry, fragrance, and other fashion accessories. Aside from those, their store locations also have other products such as home decor, furniture, and wedding products. Their stores are also equipped with in-house cafés and restaurants.

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MyNordstrom Login Benefits

  • Employees can have access to their payslip information by using the portal.
  • Employees can check all the advantages that they can get from the company’s benefits packages.
  • Employees can learn about the current events regarding the company.
  • Employees can receive company benefits, such as discounts on health insurance plans, incentives, product discounts for staff members, and other benefits by using the portal.
  • The company can send information about upcoming events to every single one of its employees.
  • Employees can check and verify their weekly schedules so they can plan their workdays.
  • The company can offer training programs and other promotions along with the related news to their employees with the connection of the portal.

MyNordstrom Login Page Features

Online schedule:

  • Using this feature, employees will be able to check their weekly schedule even when they are still at home.
  • Employees can also apply for schedule changes online by using the portal.
  • Employees can connect to their respective managers by logging into the MyNordstrom Login

Online employment:

  • The portal will also enable the employees to do their work remotely. Using the portal, they can submit their work and report to the managers even when they are not working in the office.

Payroll access:

  • Employees can access their salary information along with their weekly working hours by using the web portal.

Save data files online:

  • Every change and update that the employees make on the MyNordstrom Login web portal will be stored securely on the server. Those files will not be able to be accessed by anyone except the Nordstrom team.

MyNordstrom Login Requirements

  • The official web address for MyNordstrom Login.
  • A valid employee ID along with the correct password for the account.
  • The web portal can be opened using an updated internet browser.
  • The web portal can be accessed using a device with internet access.

MyNordstrom Login

Below are the required steps to access your account on the web portal of MyNordstrom Login.

  • Visit the official website at Login at
  • In the first empty field, you have to submit your employee ID.
  • In the second empty field, you will have to submit the correct password for the account.
  • Underneath those fields, a “Login” button will be available for you to click to move on with the process.

If your details are correct, the web portal of MyNordstrom Login will be open and you will have access to the benefits from the company.

MyNordstrom Forgot Password

In the case of you forgetting your password for the portal, you will need to follow the steps below to retrieve it.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open the web portal of MyNordstrom Login at Forgot Password
  • You will be able to notice a link that says “Request, Reset or Forgot Password”. Click on that link.MyNordstrom Forgot Password 2
  • Before clicking the “Request Password” option, you will be required to submit your employee number.
  • The web portal will bring you to a new page with instructions on how to reset your password. Instructions will also be sent to your work email address.

Fix MyNordstrom Login Problems

If you have any issues while going through the procedure of accessing your account on the web portal of MyNordstrom Login, you can also contact the company to troubleshoot them.

Some problems that might occur during the process include:

  • The portal of MyNordstrom Login cannot be accessed due to server problems.
  • The login page cannot be open.
  • The password account cannot be changed.
  • The access is always redirected to the MyNordstrom store page.
  • iPhones are not allowed to access the website.
  • Your employee account is blocked.

Remember that the system administrator should be able to help you to resolve the problems that might arise from the procedure.

Nordstrom Contact Information

Phone Number

  • U.S.: 1-888-282-6060
  • Canada: 1-877-794-5304

Social Media Channel: FacebookTwitterInstagram

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Hopefully, this information about the procedures required to access your account on MyNordstrom Login is helpful to you. Leave a comment if you are still unclear about the process.