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MyMedicalPayment is an online portal site that allows you to make payment in secure way, review the balance of your account, or adjust your billing address. It has various features that are accessible after you have completed MyMedicalPayments login.

The portal site serves as one-stop solution to manage your medical bills and fees easily.

For example, if you recently have visited doctor to conduct medical appointment, you may make the payment online securely by using this web portal. Another feature available in MyMedicalPayments is health insurance bill payment.

To access your registered account in this site, you will need an account number and provide information about your birthdate.

You will obtain an account number after completing the registration process. Then, you need to perform MyMedicalPayments login process before you start to access and manage the account.

You are entitled to all of the available benefits offered by this portal as soon as you become the member by signing yourself up and complete the sign in procedure.

The website is also available on mobile application. You can download it in your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This article below will walk you through the steps of logging into your MyMedicalPayments account in easy way.

Please note that aside from making online payment, you are also allowed to create payment via phone. In this case, you need to dial the phone call number of customer service. The phone number is also available if you want to submit inquiries or request for further assistant with the service.

Alternatively, you may make the payment via mail as well. Your medical bill contains a mailing address if you want to use this payment method instead.

What is MyMedicalPayments?

MyMedical payment is an online service that allows making electronic medical billing payment in easy and secure way.

It also provides you with information about the balances on your deposit account, as well as other information related to your medical bills, such as your address, and ability to update them.

In order to make use of the site’s features, you are required to complete MyMedicalPayments login. This process is done by using your account number and birthdate as login credentials.

You may look for the information by checking your medical statements that are given by the hospitals.

Then all you need to do is just enter the information correctly. This procedure can be performed at anytime and from anywhere. You may read about what available features you can access once the login process is done in the next section of this article.

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MyMedicalPayments Login Online Benefits

  • Make your medical bills payment in secure way.
  • Access your payment account anytime and anywhere.
  • Check your deposit account balance.
  • Make your payment in full amount or partial amount.
  • Adjust your billing address.
  • Download your medical billing statements.

MyMedicalPayment guarantee you of the convenience of using these listed features. Now, you may read about the steps on how to complete login process of MyMedicalPayments, but before that, read about what you need to prepare in hand in order to access the site and your account within.

MyMedicalPayments Login Requirements

  • The official web portal site address of MyMedicalPayments login.
  • Your registered account login credentials (account number and birthdate).
  • Web browser.
  • Device to connect and access internet (computer or smartphone).

MyMedicalPayments Login

Here are the easy steps you are required to take in order to log into your account in MyMedicalPayments portal site:

  • Open the official web portal site address of MyMedicalPayments login at Login
  • Input the required information, that comprised of:
    • Your account numbers.
    • Your identity verification.
    • Your birthdate.
  • Accept the provided ‘Terms & Conditions’.
  • Select the menu ‘Sign In’ to proceed with the login process.

Pay Bills at My Medical Payments

  • First, perform MyMedicalPayments login by following the provided guide above.
  • Input the required information such as your account number, identity verification, and birthdate.
  • Select ‘Submit’ to continue with the process of your medical bill payment.
  • Open the menu to see your medical bill and then proceed to make payment by using your debit card or credit card online.

Pay Bill Using Phone and Mail

Alternative method to make your medical bill payment:

  • By phone: Dial MyMedicalPayments customer service team phone number at 800-355-2470. You may also submit inquiry or request further assistance upon the service by reaching for this phone number.
  • By mail: Check the mailing address provided in your medical bill statement to perform payment via mailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyMedicalPayments a secure website?

  • Yes, this online portal site account is guaranteed of safety and security.

How can I reach for MyMedicalPayments office?

  • Please dial 800-355-2470. The line number is available from Monday – Friday at 9.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M.

Can I adjust my billing address on the site?

  • Yes, the site has feature where you are allowed to edit and update your medical billing address.

Where I can find further information about this online portal site and its service?

  • Further information is available in the official website of

Is MyMedicalPayments trustworthy?

  • As mentioned above, you can ask for further details about the service through the phone call number.
  • Simply reach out for MyMedicalPayments customer service team to inquire about the company’s billing system by dialing 800-355-2470, which available from Monday – Friday at 9.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M.

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Final Words

You may use and follow the simple guide on MyMedicalPayments login guide above to access your medical billing account. Again, if you have any difficulty or trouble when using the service, you may contact the phone number provided in this article.