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If you are required to do MyLowesLife login, you may be confused what MyLowesLife is. It is a web portal that’s used commonly with current and retired employees of the company.

Through the website, employees may contact their associates. They can get some advises about their working schedule as well as the workload.

Essential discussions can also be easily done through this web portal.

For your information, Lowe’s is a one of the most popular companies in the States. It offers home improvement products and appliances.

Self-service recruitment system is now available on the portal that’s made to help employees to meet their needs.

All job-related information is accessible on their accounts in MyLowesLife website.

Lastly, payment and taxes receipts, beneficiaries, schedules, and more aspects can be accessed through the website easily.

Website NameMyLowesLife
ProvidesLive Focus
LanguagesEnglish, German
FeaturesGreat Process

What is MyLowesLife?

MyLowesLife Portal Employee Login

Lowe’s employee portal was started by the company itself in 2009 to improve the employee’s performance.

To use this portal, you may need to get your login details beforehand, such as getting the sales number and confidential password.

MyLowesLife is run by Lowes as an organization with thousands of stores (1,840 stores) located throughout the country. The stores are spread on the neighboring countries, such as Canada and Mexico.

The stores sell appliances and home improvement tools, which are somehow relevant to the company’s slogan of ‘Never stop improving’.

Founded in 1921, Lucius Smith Lowe – the founder of Lowes, made the company as a retail one focusing in home improvement tools, appliances, and other related stuff.

After the company’s successful growth and development in the USA, it spreads the wings to neighboring countries, like Canada and Mexico starting in 2007. The team also puts several offices in Ontario, Hamilton, and Monterrey.

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MyLowesLife Benefits

By doing MyLowesLife login, you can get these benefits from your account.

If you are still working at the company:

  • You may see your current working schedule.
  • You can change your ongoing shifts.
  • You may also manage the benefits and paychecks.
  • Any information related to your work will also be available on the portal.
  • Accessing work-related emails now become easier.
  • You may also apply for any promotions offered.

However, if you are not currently working on the company (former employee):

  • You may see the work details you have previously done while joining the company.
  • You may also do MyLowesLife login to see the advantages you still get from the company.

MyLowesLife Login Requirements

  • A gadget (PC, smartphone, or tablet).
  • Internet browser app.
  • The MyLowesLife login official website address.
  • Lastly, you will need to login with a valid employee password and ID.

MyLowesLife Login

  • Visit Lowes official site for employee at to perform MyLowesLife login.MyLowesLife Login
  • Then, input your Sales Number ID as well as your password in the input box provided.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Login” button or simply hit that enter button on your keyboard.
  • Now, you will be redirected to your own account.
  • Choose either Part-Time or Full-Time option which is suitable for you.
  • Now, access your Dashboard and see your account.

My Lowes Life Login for Former Employees

  • First, access Lowes employee official website at Lowes Life Login for Former Employees
  • Click on ‘Click Here’ link that’s normally placed in the center of the page.My Lowes Life Login for Former Employees 2
  • You will be redirected to MyLowesLife login The page will ask you to provide information about what kind of connection you have with the company.
  • Then, proceed by entering User ID and password on the input box.
  • Continue by clicking ‘Log On’ button. You will be able to access your account shortly.

MyLowesLife Contact Details

If you are dialing the Lowe’s Benefits Center from any states of the USA, you should dial this number 1-844-HRLOWES (844-475-6937).

In case you are calling from abroad, please call the team at 1-312-843-5251. The call center is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time, from Monday to Friday.

  • Reaching Lowe’s HR can be done by dialing 1-336-6583535 or 1-888-HRINFO5.
  • Call 1-704-758-1000 if you want to reach Lowe’s corporate office.
  • While for the customer service, you can call at 1-800-445-6937.
  • Lastly, for Lowe’s credit card service, you can dial 1-866-232-7443.

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Final Words

That sums up the information related to MyLowesLife login. If you still have inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact the support team on the number shown above. Or, you can simply leave a comment in the space below.