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MyGreatCall Login at – Do you have any issues while trying to use the features on MyGreatCall Login? Have you wasted a lot of time trying to access your account on the website?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you will not need to worry anymore because this article will help you in solving all the problems related to the website.

We recommend that you follow this article all the way down so you can understand the troubleshooting steps regarding your account on MyGreatCall Login.

About MyGreatCall


An account on the portal of MyGreatCall Login will enable you to manage and organize your mobile apps in one secured and central place.

This is to ensure that your mobile apps will be protected with passwords so the only person that can access your apps is you. Therefore, you can use your password to log into your account and use the apps with no problem at all.

Established in 2005 by Arlene Harris, the company of GreatCall is a technology company that specializes in connected health services. Their main office is located in San Diego in the state of California.

Some services that are offered by MyGreatCall Login include health and safety products for seniors, as well as mobile services and mobile apps along with wearable devices that are designed for older adults.

The company also acts as a mobile virtual network operator giving cellular service all across the United States. They offer this service while using the network of Verizon Wireless.

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MyGreatCall Login Requirements

  • The official address of MyGreatCall Login.
  • You will be required to have your personal credentials, which are your email address, phone number, and the password associated with the account.
  • An internet browser that can visit the official address.
  • An internet access that you can use on your preferred device.

MyGreatCall Login

There are some steps that you will need to do to make sure that you can access your account on the portal of MyGreatCall Login. The required steps are:

  • Visit the official website at This is the only address for the portal, so make sure that you are using the correct address.MyGreatCall Login at
  • With your personal credentials in your hand, submit your email address along with your 10 digit phone number.
  • Below those fields, you will be required to enter the correct password for the account.
  • Underneath the filled-out fields, there will be a button that says “Sign In”. Click on it to finish the steps.

Create a New MyGreatCall Account

  • Visit the official website at a New MyGreatCall Account
  • You will be shown an option to click which is the “Create an Account” button.Create a New MyGreatCall Account at
  • Make sure that you provide the portal with your full personal information. Next, you can click the “Sign Up” button and the portal will automatically create an account on MyGreatCall Login.

MyGreatCall Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 866-482-1424
  • Email:

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We hope that this article about the portal of MyGreatCall Login can help you in creating an account or logging in to You can also leave a comment that might be helpful to everyone who is trying to do the same steps.