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MagicJack Setup at – is the website where you can install your MagicJack device. This article will explain the explanation process so you can do it flawlessly. Hopefully, this short information will be able to help you in setting up your new MagicJack device on the website. Install Overview

MagicJack Setup at

A new application has been released to help with the installation process of MagicJack. This way, a lot of previous difficulties that users ran into when installing MagicJack have been diminished.

Using the application, users can now choose one of two ways to install and render their MagicJack device to be operational.

Users can now efficiently use the website at and attach the device to their PC. They can promptly use the device after attaching it to the USB drive on their PC.

Users can also avoid another process of installing the MagicJack software on their PC by going to the official website and

The website will also render the usage of computers for installation to be less useful compared to visiting the website at Every user can conveniently register and install their device right from the website. This is more convenient compared to the usage of the computer to install the software.

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Install MagicJack Step by Step

  • Plug in one end of your phone cable into the audio jack port of your phone.
  • Plug in the other end of the phone cable into the MagicJack device.
  • Connect your MagicJack device to the USB port of your computer.
  • The installation process will start automatically and you will be able to monitor it from the installation interface.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete. The device will fully install itself after you start the process.

After completing the installation process, the system will automatically redirect you to The website will show a registration page where you will need to submit your personal information along with your phone number.

The website will also require you to put your location as a step for the 911 emergency call. You will also be asked if different upsales are applied to your device. If you can complete this process, then it means that you have finished the whole step of installing the device.

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Hopefully, the short information can help you in setting up your MagicJack device by going to the website Leave a comment if you run into difficulties or if you have something to share with other MagicJack users.