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Matalan Survey at – If you are a regular Matalan customer, then it will be a great decision if you also provide a feedback to your favorite store. In this case, that would be a great idea if you participate in Matalan survey. This survey is conducted to gather your opinion and/or feedback which will be beneficial for the company.

Why is it important for the company? Well, your opinions, critics, and suggestions, are a great help to assist the company to improve. That way, the store can be better than earlier.

Aside from that, you can also get a reward after working on the survey.  The gift comes in the form of Matalan Gift Card—indeed a great item for your next shopping, right?

So, what’s more to wait? Take your chance to participate in Matalan Survey and get the gift card as you complete the survey.

Who knows the store will make a significant change which is based on your opinion? That way, you contribute to the store more than just some revenue for them.

Matalan Survey

Matalan Survey Details

Company’s NameMatalan
Prize of Completing SurveyMatalan Gift Card
Product Purchase NecessityNone
Participants’ Age Limit18+
Location ValidityThe UK
Survey LanguageEnglish

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Matalan Survey Rewards

If you are taking this survey, you will get a chance of getting a Matalan promo code once you complete the survey. This promo code is fine to be used on your next purchase, and you may get fantastic discounts if you use the promo code.

Aside from that, you may get a chance to participate in its sweepstake to win Matalan voucher which is worth 100 Euro. Doesn’t it sound great for you?

Note: Keep in mind that the reward may change. The reward which you will get is determined entirely on what is printed on your purchase receipt. Hence, make sure to check it before taking the survey.

Matalan Survey Rewards

Matalan Survey Terms and Conditions

The ones participating in the survey should comply with this terms and conditions:

  • Matalan Survey in only available for UK residents.
  • You need to be 18 years old at least.
  • You need to understand English as the survey is conducted using this language.
  • You’ll need to use your own gadget to access the survey website
  • Prepare your receipt while participating in the survey
  • All participants can only join the survey once.
  • Matalan employees, including their immediate family members, are not allowed to join the survey.
  • The rewards offered cannot be transferred into another form of survey.
  • Your email ID is required to retrieve the discount offer.

Matalan Survey at

If you think you qualify to be their survey participant, then you can proceed with joining Matalan Survey. The procedure will be as follows:

  • Prepare your gadget, launch your browser, and access the retailer’s official website for the survey. The website is
  • Then, you will be prompted to choose which kind of invitation you previously obtained. Indicate your option by selecting the right one according to your condition.
  • Continue by choosing the store number which you can find on your purchase receipt.
  • Click “Enter” button following that.Matalan Survey at
  • You will be given a set of questions asking you about your previous experience at the retail store.
  • First, rate your satisfaction regarding to your opinion when you visit the store.
  • Then, continue by answering the questions which are provided to you.
  • Typically, the set of questions you are facing is about the store’s condition while you were there, the staff friendliness, product’s price, the store location, the store’s opening hours, and how the staffs help the customers.
  • Before submitting the survey, you will be required to provide your personal information such as your name, contact number, and addresses (email and physical address).
  • Finally, you can submit your survey and redeem the coupon code. The code will be able to use on your next visit on any Matalan locations.

About Matalan

Matalan is a retail store focusing on fashion and homeware products which is UK-based. The company is located in Knowsley, Merseyside and was established in 1985. Until today, the company is owned by the Hargreaves family.

Per 2020, the company has more than 13 thousand employees which are evenly employed in 200+ stores in its origin country. Around thirty of those numbers are placed in other European countries and the Middle East.

Reference Links

  • Matalan Survey Site:
  • Matalan Official Site:

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So, that is the basic information you may need about Matalan Survey which is available as your access their official site at

Hope this information about Matalan Survey will help you to convey your feedback and to obtain your gift card after completing the survey.