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Macy’s Employee Login – Macy’s Insite is an official portal site that’s provided by Macy’s for their employees. Through this site, the employees can enjoy various offered features within the site after they have successfully completed Macy’s Insite login.

By using this site and employees’ personal account within, they would be able to view and manage various tasks, including schedules, paycheck statements, and many others features.

Employees who have retired from the company are also still able to access the online portal given that they still have the requirements to log into their account.

These Macy’s Insite login requirement is including unique username and password which is different for each employee.

This is purposefully intended, so any person outside the Macy’s employee and are not part of the company are unable to access the site and the information inside.

This also ensures security for the personal information owned by the employees, whether they still work for the company or not anymore, no other person will be able to see and leak their information through unauthorized access.

About Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the most popular department store chains in United States. The business was established by Rowland Hussey Macy, whom the company takes its name from, back in 1858. The company was based in New York, where their headquarter is located. The products and items offered by Macy’s are including clothing, accessories, jewelry, footwear, beauty products, furniture, bedding, and various types of housewares.

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Macy’s Insite Benefits

  • The online page provides help program for the employees which can be accessed online.
  • Macy’s employees are able to donate for schools and educations through the charity program.
  • The company provides employer’s match contribution for the employees.
  • The company offers opportunity to win scholarship worth of US $1,000 for employee’s child.
  • The employees are entitled to receive discounts when they purchase products from the company.

Now, you know about various benefits of using Macy’s Insite official online portal site. Next, it’s time to learn about how to complete Macy’s Insite login which will be provided in step-by-step guide. You’ll also read about things you’re going to need in order to complete the login process.

Macy’s Insite Login Requirements

  • The Macy’s Insite official website address.
  • Your personal username and password, in which the username is comprised of eight digits in your employee ID numbers.
  • Internet browser.
  • Internet access and proper device (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop).

Macy’s Insite Login

Read the easy-to-follow tutorial below in order to perform Macy’s Insite login to your employee’s account:

  • Input your username (employee ID number in eight digits) and password into the designated field.
  • Click the button that said ‘LOGIN’ and you’ve successfully enter your account.

Macy’s Insite Forgot Password

In case you cannot do Macy’s Insite login because you have forgotten the password, follow the guide below:

  • Select the menu of ‘Forgot/Unlock/Change Password’ button that’s provided on the screen.Macy’s Insite Forgot Password 2
  • Input your username and the last four digits of your SSN into the designated field.
  • Click on the button ‘NEXT’, and then perform the following instruction as shown on the page.

Macy’s Insite Login Help

Macy’s Human Resources Department: 1-800-234-6229

You may also reach for the Help Desk for Macy’s Insite login problem at 678-474-2300

Alternatively, visit the Macy’s official site at

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Final Words

That is the guide on how to complete the process of Macy’s Insite login. You may find the tutorial helpful if you have no idea or currently encounter a problem to access your account.