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Loblaws is a supermarket chain brand from Canada. It is based in Brampton, Ontario. Loblaws is a subsidiary company of the largest distributor of food in Canada, Loblaw Companies. The store itself was established by Theodore Loblaw and J. Milton Cork, back in 1919. Loblaws is known for its extensive range of its fringe benefits. This article in particular will provide you with information about Loblaws employee benefits.

Loblaws Employee Benefits

The Loblaws employee benefits are divided into several types and packages. All of them will be listed in the following sections.

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Loblaws Employee Benefits

Before you’re going further, you may read first about the exact definition of employee benefits. When you are provided with Loblaws employee benefits, it means the company provides you with perks and compensations beyond your salary or wage. Here are some of the major benefits for employees at Loblaws:

  • Virtual Leaning Centers, that comprised of education plans and subsidy of tuitions for the existing employees to promote their development. One employee can be eligible for flat reimbursement that ranges from $1,200 – $2,500 each year by Loblaw Company.
  • President’s Choice Children’s Charity, a program that has purpose of providing nutritious food for children to encourage them of healthy eating habits and prevent the risk of children’s hunger in Canada.
  • Performance recognition program, which has many sub-programs within it such as performance bonuses for individuals, recognition awards from co-workers, awards for long service and many more.
  • Performance reviews for individual, that’s done each month and resulted in data that can be used for official purposes.
  • In-house surveys and consultant surveys facilities.
  • Various convenience amenities within head office such as television, music, casual and comfortable seating, phone booth, telecommuter workstations, and many more.

Loblaws Employee Discounts

As an addition, you may discover the more detailed Loblaws employee benefits that are included in the following list:

  • Performance Recognition Program: Performance bonuses for individuals, recognition awards from co-workers, awards for long service and many more.
  • In-House Training and Career Planning: In-house facility to help the employees plan their career, including training, mentoring, and paid internships.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Flat reimbursement that ranges from $1,200 – $2,500 each year by Loblaw company.
  • Unique Development Programs and Training: A buddy program that includes orientation program, management training, on-boarding program, and executive program.
  • Extra Paid Leaves: Paid leaves for two to four weeks and also other extra paid leaves.
  • Vacation Policy: Vacation policies as Loblaws employee benefits might vary according to employee’s position.
  • Vacation Allowance: Paid vacations up to three weeks that’s available for any employees with minimum a year of service.
  • Healthcare Plan: There are multiple healthcare plan packages that may vary according to employee’s position.
  • Dental Coverage: Including orthodontics, restorative, routine dental check-ups, and many more.
  • Health Plan: Conventional health coverage such as assistance plan for employee, drug prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment, physiotherapy, chiropractor, nutrition plans, insurance for medical travel, podiatrist, massage therapy, osteopathy, semi-private room in hospital, and many more.
  • Maternity Care: 17 weeks’ salary worth up to 75% of the total.
  • Parental Care: 11 weeks’ salary worth up to 75% of the total.
  • Adoption Care: 11 weeks’ salary worth up to 75% of the total.
  • Flexible Options of Work: Adjustable working hours, compressed work hours in a week, and telecommuting
  • Extra Family-Friendly Benefits: Education scholarship worth up to $1,500 for each child.
  • Financial Benefits: Life plan, pension plan, and insurance for disability.
  • Long-Term Plans: Insurance for life and disability.
  • Bonuses at Year-End: Provided for all Loblaws employees.
  • Stock Purchase Plan: Provided for all Loblaws employees
  • Extra Financial Benefits: Discount programs when purchasing at Loblaws, colleague discount up to 10%, insurance for pets, discount program for optical purpose, online work benefit programs, and many more.
  • Signing Bonuses: Provided for certain positions at Loblaws.
  • Workplace Amenities: Health center, television, services of dry cleaning, kitchen, convenience store, auditorium with full equipment set, banking kiosk, support kiosk for IT, reserved parking at front row for eligible employees, phone both, lunchroom with self-service feature, sit-stand workstations, telecommuter workstations, barbecue area at outdoor, local restaurants discount, and many more.
  • Commuter Facilities: Carpool with online registration, free parking, charging stations for electrical vehicles.

Loblaws Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 1-905-459-2500 or 1-888-495-5111 (CS)
  • Fax Number: 1-905-861-2206
  • Email: customerservice@loblaws.ca
  • Address: Loblaws Corporate, Loblaw Companies Limited, 1 President’s Choice Circle, Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5S5 Canada

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Read the list of Loblaws employee benefits thoroughly to make sure you know about all of the perks and compensations available if you’re an eligible employee at the company.

You may also use the list of Loblaws employee benefits above as information resources if you are planning to apply job at Loblaws.