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JPay is not a new thing for inmates and their families. It is a prison-related service that allows you to connect with the inmates, whether it through sending emails, sending snap-n-send, or through the videogram. It allows transferring funds, too. Now, what if once you want to log in, you found JPay forgot user ID?

JPay Forgot User ID: Don’t Panic!

As we all already know, to use services in websites, usually we are required to provide email address and password. You may remember the password, but what if you forgot the ID?

If you are stuck at JPay forgot user ID, then the first thing you ought to do is don’t panic. Everything is way easier than you think in case you forget your JPay user ID.

Once you set your mind to be at ease, keep calm and do one of these three procedures below to help you out from JPay forgot user ID.

JPay Forgot User ID

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How to Deal with JPay Forgot User ID

There are two distinct way to get rid of this problem. First, you can set it out methodically, while the second option is to make a new account with new ID of course.

  1. Finishing the problem through JPay forgot user ID page
    • Launch your browser and access JPay forgot user ID page at http://jpay.com/ForgotUserID.aspx.
    • Then, you need to input your phone number you used to make a JPay account. Enter your phone number correctly.
    • Next, to fix your JPay forgot user ID, you’ll be asked a security question. Or, if you haven’t set that question, you will be required to answer other personal information. This is carried out to verify your identity.
    • Then, enter your new user ID and new password. Make sure to get a hold on your new user ID so that you won’t have to go through JPay forgot user ID procedure anymore.
    • Once you finished creating a new user ID and its password, log into your account with that new user ID and password. The trace of your account will remain as before.
  1. Creating a new account

You may do this if you feel fed up with the aforementioned procedures. Simply make a new account as you did before – you will need a new email and password to do this trick when you face JPay forgot user ID.

If you feel like you need to change your email address in order to avoid JPay forgot user ID in the future, you can do it too! The procedures will be as follows:

  1. First, log in to your account using the email and password you have.
  2. Navigate your way to ‘My account
  3. Find ‘Email preference’, then enter your new email and retype it again once prompted.
  4. Lastly, click ‘Update’ to validate the change and your new email address or user ID will be successfully changed.

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Well, you can pick any of those two methods above to help yourself out from JPay forgot user ID problem. Actually, there is another method to set this out, which is to call the customer service of JPay. However, this trick is seldom carried out by people facing this problem.