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JPay Card is one of the best services offered by JPay. This private company provides the safe and beneficial services for inmates and their families or friends. When the inmates complete their sentences, they will receive a release card from JPay, which contains the remaining money given by their family members.

The Benefits of Using JPay Card

There have been many people use JPay Card as it helps them to make any payment much more manageable, just like any other types of cards you use to purchase goods or services.

As mentioned earlier, the JPay Card is often given to those who have completed their sentences or meet parole qualifications. It’s because JPay is a company that also manages cards for both state and local detention centers.

The JPay Release Card is a prepaid debit card issued by MasterCard. This release card can be used to make any type of payment anywhere the logo of the MasterCard is displayed. You need to have a JPay account and activate the release card service in order to have many convenient services that include swipe transactions.

With the Release Card of JPay, the users can also withdraw cash money from ATM, update PIN, and load your funds. You can also manage and check your account information, much like any other type of card you get from a conventional bank.

JPay Card

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Why Must Use JPay Card

JPay Card is the ideal solution to the requirements for parole, probation, and other payments. The process of activating this release card is quite simple as long as you already have JPay account.

  1. Log into your JPay account using the email address and password you use for registration.
  2. Locate the “Release Cards” option in the home page.
  3. Select on “Activate Your Card” or select on “Manage Your Card” if you already have a JPay Card, but you want to manage the information of the card.

While the activation process is relatively simple, it is highly important for you to register your card. It is because the US government and the financial institution that issues the card require each customer to provide your full name, address, contact details, and an identity card so that you will be able to take full advantage of your JPay Card.

Registering the release card will also help the JPay company assist you as their client should there be any problems with your card, such as losing your card or stolen. If you want to load cash onto your card, you simply need to visit any financial agent that partners with JPay, such as MoneyGram. The maximum load is $5,000, and the maximum amount of funds that can reside in your release card is around $10,000.

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JPay Card gives every released inmate the convenience, security, and freedom of using a brand from MasterCard, allowing you to make payments anywhere around the globe. With this release card, you can also conduct online purchasing, have your boss pay you digitally, and the funds will go right to your release card.