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The tutorial of JCP Associate Kiosk login in the following will explain to you how to access the account for JC Penny’s employees. The process of logging into this site requires you to have employee identification numbers.

Keep reading to find out about the guides, which will be provided in simple steps – both for the JCP Associate Kiosk login and sign-up procedures.

About JCPenney

About JCPenney

JC (James Cash) Penney is a brand of department store chain in United States. The company was founded by James Cash Penney, hence its name, back in 1902. It currently has more than 865 store branches that spread throughout 49 states.

By the recent data, JCPenney employs over 95,000 employees. All of the workers are given ability to access its employees’ site that’s called JCP Associate Kiosk.

In this site, the employees are able to view their paycheck history, job schedule, leave of absence, and other information related to their work in the company.

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JCPenney Associate Kiosk Benefits

  • It offers information about special discounts for JC Penney’s employees.
  • It provides 30% off for any company’s products for all-star employees at JC Penney.
  • It provides 25% off for any company’s products for general employees at JC Penney.
  • It offers feature in which the employees can view their job schedule that arranged by the administration department.
  • It allows employees to view and print their tax information such as W2 form.
  • It gives information about employees’ benefits such as health insurances, retirement plans, and medical coverage – which also provided for the employees’ family members.

JCP Associate Kiosk Login Requirements

  • The official JCP Associate Kiosk login site.
  • A web browser.
  • Internet-connected devices, such as desktop PC, laptop, or mobile phone.
  • Password and ID.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Registration

After you have prepared all the requirements to complete JCP Associate Kiosk login and sign-up process above, then you can proceed with the steps below.

Keep in mind that for a sign-up or register procedure, you are only allowed to used JC Penny’s work computer instead of using your personal device at home.

  • Open as the official JC Penney’s employees’ website.
  • Select the menu of ‘Associate Kiosk @ Home’.
  • Wait until you’re being directed to the page of information security.
  • Select the menu of ‘Register as New User’ which can only be found in JC Penney’s work computer.
  • Next, you need to input the required information details such as your name, date of birth, employee ID numbers, SSN numbers, job starting date, contact details, email address, and others.
  • After you have entered all the information, create a password that’s strong and secure enough for your account.
  • Now you have done the sign-up process in the JC Penney’s employees’ site.

After you’ve completed the registration stage, you may proceed to complete JCP Associate Kiosk login.

JCP Associate Kiosk Login

Here is a guide that contains required steps to perform JCP Associate Kiosk login process:

  • Open as the official site.JCP Associate Kiosk Login
  • Select the menu of ‘Associate Kiosk @ Home’.JCP Associate Kiosk Login
  • Input your username ID in the provided field or box.
  • Input your password in the next provided field or box.
  • Finally, press the menu of ‘Login’ to proceed with the logging in process to your account.

JCP Associate Kiosk Forgot Password

  • Open the official JC Penney’s employees’ site at Associate Kiosk Forgot Password
  • Select the menu of ‘Change My Password / Reset My Lost Password’.JCP Associate Kiosk Forgot Password 2
  • Input all the information required by the site then follow instruction on the screen to recover your password.

JCP Associate Kiosk Contact Details

Here is the list of helpline call numbers for JCP Associate Kiosk issues:

  • Paycheck and payment problems: 1-88-890-8900
  • Skylight card replacement: 1-888-606-9800
  • Garnishment replacement team: 1-866-324-5191
  • Tax (W2) support team: 1-800-567-9248
  • CCC employment verification: (855) 901-3099
  • You may reach these numbers at 8 A.M to 8 P.M
  • These contacts are reachable from Monday – Friday
  • Alternatively, you may contact via email to

Here is the address to reach for JCP Associate Kiosk issues:

  • J.C Penney Headquarters
    6501, Legacy Dr
    Plano, TX, USA

JCP Associate Kiosk useful links:

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By now, you have known the steps to perform JCP Associate Kiosk login. Hopefully, the guides above will be able to help you as one of the company’s employees to access your account in the site.