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IBM Employee Benefits – International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American technology company that provides various IT services to thousands of companies around the world. Their tech solutions include services in the cloud platform, cognitive technology solutions, and technology consulting services. The company serves more than 350,000 business clients in 170 countries.

The IBM Employee Benefits include various benefits programs that have been developed to support employees who want to build a solid foundation for their career and their financial needs. The programs have been designed to meet the employee’s needs in various aspects, such as healthcare, retirement plans, income protection, and other personal interests.

If you have a plan of joining the company to be one of their employees, you can try to understand the packages included in the program.

This article will try to explain various IBM Employee Benefits are given out to each and every single one of their employees. The packages will include medical benefits, retirement benefits, and other related programs.

IBM Employee Benefits and Perks

Programs Included in the IBM Employee Benefits

IBM understands its employees are the greatest strength to bring success for the company. That’s why they care deeply about the living condition of their employees. The company wants to make sure that employees are successful as well in every aspect of their lives.

In an effort to treat its employees in a good way, the company is giving out the IBM Employee Benefits which will have a competitive benefits package for everyone working for the brand. The benefits package also includes employee discounts, work benefits, along with many wonderful opportunities to support the employees and their dependents.

The competitive benefits programs are designed to give employees the best opportunity to build a good life, with wonderful solutions for all their daily needs. This will include income protection, health care plans, retirement security, and support for their personal interests. This is a reflection of the company’s commitment to give the best for its people.

IBM Employee Benefits

If you are still trying to make a decision of joining the IBM team, the information about the IBM Employee Benefits will help you get information on the benefits that you can get.

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Health, Life, and Disability Benefits

A wide range of options will be given out for employees who need them for their personal circumstances. When they work, the employees will also be able to review each aspect of the benefits to ensure that they are suitable for their conditions.

Payroll deductions are also available so employees can share the coverage for each benefit.

Healthcare Choices

Selections for healthcare plans are available for employees. The IBM Employee Benefits will also cover medical and emergency care, as well as preventive care.

The medical coverage will also have a 100% in-network that includes eligible medical services for primary and preventive care. The benefits will provide services below:

  • Telemedicine services.
  • Coverage for prescription drugs.
  • Mental health care coverage.
  • Care management and decision support.

Those health benefits will be able to be enjoyed by everyone working for IBM. This will include full-time workers, part-time workers, supplemental employees, and retirees along with their immediate family members that are considered as dependents.

Employees will also receive a $30 credit each month if they decline the medical coverage.

Care Management

The benefits will make it possible for employees to get access to special care management and disease management programs. These services will be managed by the regional health plan administrators, which will provide employees with expert help for their medical conditions.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

The IBM Employee Benefits will give opportunities for employees to contribute to the Health Savings Account (HAS), which will give them savings when they need to pay for medical care.

Dental Choices

There are two types of dental benefits that can be enjoyed by IBM employees. Both benefits are managed and provided by MetLife.

  • Dental Basic – This basic package will cover preventive and diagnostic care for an employee’s dental needs. They’ll be able to get free cleanings, routine exams, x-rays, fillings, and fluoride treatments.
  • Employees will not be able to receive free care for orthodontia or any major dental restorative services, which will require other dental benefits.
  • Dental Plus – This dental benefit will cover free preventive and diagnostic dental care. Employees can use the in-network dentists to get dental health care with no additional charge. The benefits can also reduce payments when they use out-of-network dentists.
  • Major restorative dental care along with orthodontic services are also covered by the dental benefits.
  • Employees might need to get pre-authorization before getting dental services for major restorative care.

Vision Choices

There are two options for vision care from the IBM Employee Benefits. The basic IBM vision plan will cover basic eye exams and eyewear. Meanwhile, the EyeMed Vision Discount Plan will give employees discounted prices to buy eyewear.

  • IBM Vision Plan
    • The benefit is managed by Anthem Blue View Vision, which will provide employees with free annual eye exams, contact lenses, and eyeglass frames.
    • Benefits can be used with in-network or out-of-network vision clinics.
    • Upgrades are available to give employees more discounts and extra benefits.
  • EyeMed Vision Discount Plan
    • This plan will give every eligible employee free vision care with no additional charges.
    • The employees can also enjoy discounted prices for frames, lenses, contact lenses, and other vision equipment. The discount rate can go for up to 40% for purchases on clinics provided in the network.
    • Discounts can be received without having to use enrollment or ID from the employees.

Live Well. Live Better. Rewards Program from IBM

The Live Well. Live Better. Rewards program from IBM has been developed to support the employees to another level. The program is beneficial to enhance the health management of the employees, while also giving support for physical activities. Mental health is also supported to promote mindfulness and healthy habits with programs through CafeWell.

The health programs can be enjoyed by employees along with their spouses or domestic partners.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Incentives

With the medical plan option that has the HSA feature, the employees will be able to receive up to $300 in contributions from the HSA if they choose to have coverage for themselves. Meanwhile, they are also eligible to earn up to $850 if they choose to have coverage for their family members.

IBM Benefits

Short-Term Disability Income Plan

The short-term disability benefits will provide employees with their salary if they can’t give the required performance due to injuries. The employees will be eligible to receive salary for up to 26 weeks in a 12 months period. But this benefit will vary between the eligible employees.

Normally, the employees will be able to enjoy this benefit from the first day of their employment.

Long-Term Disability Plan

Employees will still be able to enjoy their salary using the income protection if they are injured and rendered unable to work for a long time.

The income protection from the IBM employee benefits will cover:

  • No additional cost for the coverage
  • Pre-tax salary for up to 50% of the original pay
  • Pre-tax employee salary for up to 66%

Prescription Drug Benefits

The company is also building a relationship with CVS Caremark to provide a program called IBM Managed Pharmacy. This program will allow employees to get free medication and refills from participating CVS pharmacies for the first three months of refills. After that, employees can purchase their medication from retail stores or mail-order.

Employees are also eligible to get medication supply for 30 days from any participating location of CVS nationally.

Employees who need more medication after the 30 day supply can use mail orders or store retail locations to get the next refills for up to 90 days.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The IBM Employee Benefits also include short-term counseling programs that can be enjoyed by employees who are dealing with tough life situations. This will be able to help them manage stress from work and personal life. It is to ensure that they can still give wonderful work for the company.

A program called Clinical Referral Line is also provided to give employees 8 counseling sessions with no additional charges. This program will develop the worker’s ability to deal with mental health or substance abuse.

Employees Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

With this program from the benefits package, employees will be able to purchase common stock of IBM using a discounted rate. Employees are eligible to get a 5% discount for the stock compared to the market price.

Employees can also designate an automatic payroll deduction from their salary to purchase IBM stock. They can set up between 1 to 10% of their income to buy the stock. The maximum annual amount is $25,000.

Time Off

IBM Employee Discounts

Holiday Plan

The IBM Employee Benefits will provide various holidays annually, including holidays that are nationally observed.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day

The company has always supported the employees with programs that can help them while they are going through tough personal and family situations.

Paid care leave is an addition to the amazing paid time off schemes that can be enjoyed by employees.

Employees will have to follow these guidelines to be eligible for the paid care leave:

  • Employees can get paid care leave if they want to care for a family member who is going through a medical condition or preventive care. The maximum amount for paid care leave is 5 days every year.
  • Various time off days will depend on the personal situations that the employees are going through.
  • Up to 5 days of marriage leave for employees who are getting married.

Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance Program

The IBM Employee Benefits will also provide financial assistance for employees who are trying to adopt the children or expand their families with a surrogacy program.

Employees will be able to get this benefit from the first day of their job.

Employee Benefits at IBM

IBM will cover 100% of expenses that are related to the adoption or surrogacy. The maximum amount of financial assistance that the employees can get is $20,000 per family.

These expenses will include coverage for:

  • Application fees
  • Fees for adoption or surrogacy agencies
  • Placement fees
  • Fees for legal services
  • Medical expenses and surrogacy program
  • Coverage for IVF expenses
  • Coverage for medical expenses both for the mother and the child
  • Coverage for expenses in the temporary foster care

IBM Employee Discounts

Employees of IBM will be eligible to get discounts on various products and services that have been provided by the company. The employees will be able to enjoy the discounts if they buy something or use the services from the clients and partners of the company.

The discounts can be enjoyed on products and services including:

  • Electronics products
  • Home finance programs
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Homeownership and insurance
  • Tax preparation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Travel offers

So, the IBM Employee Benefits are very beneficial to ensure a great life for IBM employees. The benefits are the reason why IBM employees are very loyal to the company.

IBM Employee Benefits Customer Care and Phone Number

For any inquiries regarding the IBM Employee Benefits, the contact member that can be reached out are:

  • IBM toll-free number: 1–800–IBM–SERV, 1–800–426–7378, 1-800-667-6383
  • IBM phone number: 914-499-1900
  • Office Telephone Number: 914-499-1900
  • Office Contact Number: 888-839-9289
  • General Inquiries: 800-IBM-4YOU (800-426-4968)
  • Shopping Assistance: 888-SHOP-IBM (888-746-7426)
  • Managed and Cloud Services Providers:  877-426-2223
  • Benefits Information: 800-796-9876
  • Media Relations: (781) 575-2727
  • Investor Relations: (888) IBM-6700, (914) 499-7777
  • TTY Number: 800-IBM-3383 (800-426-3383) (within North America)
  • IBM Email Address:
  • IBM Official Website:

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