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If you are interested in online dating and want to find a safe and reputable platform, Plenty of Fish is one of the best answers for that. Unfortunately, even though the developer of Plenty of Fish has created a safe environment, it is still highly possible to encounter rude or inappropriate users in POF.

As a matter of fact, this is not only POF’s problem, but also an issue in every online dating site.

However, don’t let those annoying people stop you from finding the love of your life in Plenty of Fish because you can learn how to report people (User Profile) on

Some people don’t really understand about the etiquettes of online dating. Some others don’t really care about them and even do it intentionally.

So, don’t be surprised if you find married people send you message, or maybe someone who says something rude or sexual to you. In those cases, knowing how to report people (User Profile) on is the best solution.

How to Report People (User Profile) on

Furthermore, you also should be careful in choosing who you want to interact with because there are many cases of catfishes in online dating. If Plenty of Fish detect those users, their profile will be immediately deleted.

But your contribution in reporting users with inappropriate behaviors will be very helpful. So, make sure you know how to report people (User Profile) on

Now, are you ready to learn how to report people (User Profile) on To report an inappropriate POF user, firstly you need to visit their profile.

After that, click Report User, which is available in every user’s profile. After you click that option, you must provide reason why you want to report that person.

Click Report User and that is how to report people (User Profile) on You will get a notification after the report has been sent.

Even after you report the user, it can take some times until Plenty of Fish take action and delete the profile of the inappropriate users. Therefore, besides learning how to report people (User Profile) on, you also need to know how to block people.

When you block a POF user, that person will not be able to send you message anymore, which means you will be free from their inappropriate messages. However, please note that since you can block a user, it means that the other user also will be able to block you.

When an account has been blocked so many times, Plenty of Fish will also delete that problematic account. Therefore, if you want to keep your account, make sure to always behave properly.

Now that you know how to report people (User Profile) on, you definitely will have a better time in the site. If you think Plenty of Fish is helpful and you enjoy your time in this site, maybe it is time to upgrade to premium membership.

If you upgrade your membership, you can enjoy features that free users cannot use. Furthermore, it is not too expensive. The fee for 3 months upgraded membership is only $39.99, six months is $64.99 and 12 months is $89.99.

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