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Plenty of Fish is one of the best dating platforms in the world that has millions of members. The company is based in Canada but it enjoys global popularity, especially in United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Australia.

This is why this online dating website is available in nine different languages. Plenty of Fish free dating site was just a humble business when it was first launched in 2003 and Markus Frind, the founder, operated the site independently.

However, it rapidly grew and by 2008, the company started hiring many employees to keep the site running.

One of the reasons why Plenty of Fish is very successful is its remarkable features. One of the best features of this dating site is certainly the profile, especially because it simple and looks clean.

You can make your profile more attractive if you know how to extend POF profile. Extended profile allows you to put more information about yourself so the other Plenty of Fish members certainly will find you more attractive.

How to Extend POF Profile

If you know how to extend POF profile, your profile will become more standout.

While the other users can only write about their age, interest, personality and the ideal type they are looking for, by learning how to extend POF profile, you can let people know more detailed information about yourself, such as your income and education level.

Now, let’s find out how to extend POF profile and the other crucial information you need to know about this feature.

  • Firstly, put as many interesting information about yourself in your profile. This is the main key on how to extend POF profile. Use this opportunity to make yourself look more attractive. Take time in filling out the details because you never know which information will attract the other Plenty of Fish members.
  • Make sure to put a nice profile picture. In Plenty of Fish free dating platform, and other online dating sites in general, people tend to avoid visiting profiles that don’t have profile pictures. So, choose the best picture of yourself and upload it to the site.

Now that you know how to extend POF profile, more people definitely will not hesitate to send you messages. However, maybe you are also worried about too many people seeing so much detail about yourself.

Don’t let this situation stop you from learning how to extend POF profile. In this case, you can use Hide Profile feature.

To use this feature, simply go to your profile, click Hide Profile. After that, find “To hide your profile from others, click here” and click the link beside it.

However, even after hiding your profile, these following people will still be able to see your Plenty of Fish profile:

  1. Users who find your profile via Username Search.
  2. Users who you send message to after hiding your profile.
  3. Users who put you on their favorite list.
  4. Users on your favorite list.
  5. Users that have messages in your inbox.

Feel free to hide your profile if you think it is necessary. But make sure to create a nice profile so people who can see it will be attracted to you.

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