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Hilton Hotel and Resorts is a global hotel chain brand from America that offers comprehensive hotel and resort services. The company brand was founded more than a century ago, and now it has more than 580 properties around the world. It is estimated to employ more than 173,000 workforces that are provided with Hilton Hotels employee benefits.

The employee benefits packages offered by the company have quite extensive range that comprised of special discounts, pension plans, travel programs, parental leaves, and many more.

Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits

The benefits and perks are meant to support the financial, physical, mental, and social wellness of employees.

In order to view and manage the offered work benefits by Hilton Hotel and Resorts, as a registered employee, you may use Hilton Hotels employee benefits online portal site. You need to be an authorized member in this site first before accessing and using its features, by signing up yourself.

Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits and Perks

This article will provide further detailed information about the offered employee benefit packages of Hilton Hotel and Resorts and how to complete the login process in the official site.

Why Employee Benefits at Hilton?

As mentioned in prior, Hilton Hotel and Resorts is a global hotel chain brand from America that offers comprehensive hotel and resort services. The original company was established by Conrad Hilton in 1919. As per 2019, the company runs more than 580 properties across 94 countries around the globe.

Employee Benefits at Hilton

Hilton Hotel and Resorts Company provides a comprehensive and diverse benefits program for the employees. The primary purpose of offering the work benefits packages is to take care and maintain engagement of the employees, associates, club owners, and team members of the company.

Another purpose of providing the benefit programs is to assure the well-being of employees’ family members. There is a package that tailored to the needs of employees’ family members and friends.

Hilton Employee Benefits Login

If you want to know more about Hilton Hotels employee benefits, continue to read this article simply by scrolling down and check out the available benefit program packages by the company.

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Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits and Perks

Hilton Hotels work benefits and perks programs encourage the employees to maintain their work motivation and accomplish work-related, financial, and educational goals.

The list below can help if you are interested in applying for a job position in the company or simply to explore the available benefits offered by the company as one of its employees.

Go Hilton Team Member Travel

Go Hilton Team Member Travel is a benefit program that is offered for employees. The employees are given special discounts to book hotel rooms and travels within the company franchise.

Hilton Hotel Employee Discounts

To be qualified for this travel program, you need to be an active team member or owner club member of Hilton Hotel and Resorts. Team member is a full-time, part-time, and seasonal hotel staffs with regular schedule. Meanwhile, the owner club member is individual with minimum 25% ownership of the company’s properties.

Uniquely Hilton

Hilton Hotels employee benefits are provided in different areas such as financial, health and career. In addition, there are also other perks as rewards for the employees’ commitment to the company that are available for team members, associates, and club owners of the company.

Go Hilton Travel ​​​​​​​Discount Program

Go Hilton travel discount program is available for eligible team members of Hilton and authorized family members and friends. It offers perks such as special room rates that can be used to:

  • Take during dream vacation.
  • Visit to the people you love.
  • Vacation celebration.
  • Stay at Hilton’s hotel and resorts.

Go Hilton Friends And Family

Eligible employees of Hilton are offered with special rates for team members with separate excellent plan rate for family members and friends. The authorized family members and friends must be associated with the account of Hilton team member in order to make booking in Hilton properties by themselves. Aside from that, there are also benefits in the areas of:

  • Hilton’s Thrive Sabbatical: Give a Dream, Live a Dream
    • Allowing the employees to thrive.
    • By thriving, they are able to learn, experience, and share more.
    • Given in the form of 4-weeks paid leaves for sabbatical program.
  • Career benefits

Career benefits allow the employees to make advancement in their career and leadership skills, along with education extension. It emphasizes on the balance between work and life to maintain engagement and happiness of the employees.

Parental Assistance Programs

Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits 2

Paid Parental Leave 

The expecting mothers and fathers, as well as adoptive parents that work at Hilton Hotel and Resorts are provided with 4-weeks of paid parental leaves.

New mothers who give birth are eligible for extra 8-weeks of paid maternity leaves that result in total of 12-weeks paid parental leaves.

Adoption Assistance

Adoption assistance is a benefit program for Hilton Hotel employees and associates.

The company offers up to $10,000 reimbursement for each child in adoption program of qualified team members. It includes various fees such as adoption application fees, legal fees, and many more.

The number of adoptions allowed this benefit is limitless.

Meaningful Benefits for Your Career & Well-Being

Hilton Hotels employee benefits that meant to support the well-being and career advancement of the company’s team members are including:

  • Competitive initial salary rate
  • Educational and employee assistance program
  • Paid Time Off
  • Programs for retirement savings
  • Programs for health and welfare wellness
  • Stock purchase plan for employees

Employee Benefits at Hilton Hotel

Hilton Employee Benefits Login

In order to view and manage your employee benefits as employee at Hilton, you need to complete login process at the company’s official site.

Below are several steps you need to take to sign in to the Hilton Hotels employee benefits site:

Hilton Employee Benefits Summary

Here is the summarization of provided benefits and perks program by Hilton Hotel and Resorts for its employees:

  • Healthcare benefits including dental, vision, and prescription drugs coverage
  • Health saving plans account
  • Medical care FSA
  • Voluntary health benefits
    • Accident insurance
    • Hospital confinement insurance
    • Serious illness insurance
  • Accidental dismemberment and death insurance
  • General life insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Spouse life insurance
  • Dependent child life insurance
  • Dependent daycare FSA
  • Long term disability
  • Short term disability
  • Parking and commuting benefits
  • Retirement 401(k) plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Financial student loan and education program (CommonBond)
  • Financial education program (Momentum on Up)
  • Go Hilton travel programs
  • Paid parental and maternity leaves
  • Gym special discounts
  • Adoption assistance program

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Final Words

You have read the detailed information on the provided benefits and perks by Hilton Hotel and Resorts.

You may use the information as guide if you are interested in knowing more about this company as potential workplace, or if you are the current employees of the company who wants to know about the available Hilton Hotels employee benefits.