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As one of the biggest online dating site in the world, Plenty of Fish (POF) presents plenty of features that can make the members enjoy the site even more. Besides editing profile, finding out who visited your profile and uploading pictures, hiding profile on POF is also one of the best features of Plenty of Fish.

Now, the question is why do people want to hide their profile? Isn’t that going against the purpose of registering to an online dating platform? Well, there are plenty of reasons why hiding profile on POF is a common choice for many users.

For example, they want to avoid receiving too many messages or they simply want to carefully choose who they interacted with. Of course it is going to affect the user’s experience on the site, but every member of Plenty of Fish are free to decide what’s best for them.

Hiding profile on POF is very easy. Firstly, you simply need to login to your Plenty of Fish account and then click Edit Profile.

After that, click the box next to “To hide your profile from others, click here”. Once you click the link, your profile will be hidden.

Hiding Profile on POF

If you don’t know where the Edit Profile button is of you simply want to get clearer explanations regarding Hiding profile on POF, you can go to “Help Center”.

You can access this page by clicking the Help option located on the top right side of the official website of Plenty of Fish, right between Sign In and Register Option.

Once the Help Center page opens, take a look at the FAQ on the right side. You can find various guidelines about editing your Plenty of Fish profile, hiding your profile, adding someone to favorites, removing profile and other profile related tips.

Hiding profile on POF indeed will make online dating more fun for some members of Plenty of Fish. This is because after you hide your profile, your POF profile will not appear in search results or in any bar of images.

However, hiding profile on POF will not make you totally invisible because there are some people who can still see your profile.

Please take note that users that you put on your favorite list, users that put you on their favorite list, users who have messages in your inbox and users that you converse with after you hide your profile will still be able to see your profile even after you hide it.

Hiding profile on POF is certainly fun because you can control who you want to interact with.

However, what if one day you want to get back in the game and display your profile to everyone again. Thankfully, it is possible to unhide your profile. To unhide your profile, you need to go through the similar process with hiding your profile.

Simply go to Edit Profile and click the link that is located beside “To unhide your profile from others, click here”. Once you have follow that steps, every users of Plenty of Fish will be able to see your profile.

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