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Greentree Mortgage Servicing is a lending organization and a privately held mortgage company established back in 1992. Their aim is to help people realize dreams of home ownership.

Greentree Mortgage Lender is headquartered in the Southern part of New Jersey. They have served clients for over 20 years long. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given them a rating of A+ which means their excellence is unquestionable.

To Greentree, each client is to be served with respect, dignity, and integrity, and of course without compromise. They have committed to provide customers a mortgage loan in their best interest. According to Zillow, this company is a 5-star lender.

What Green Mortgage Servicing Does?

At Greentree Mortgage Servicing, they help customers navigate across various loan types and pick the right one that suit client’s needs. Whether if it’s buying a new home, consolidate debts, refinancing current mortgage, remodel current residence, Greentree Mortgage Company will help. This company makes loan processing easy, simple, and hassle-free.

Not just that, Greentree Mortgage Servicing will assist since loan selection until approval and closing. They promise to reduce difficulties and hassles bound in the whole process.

Greentree Mortgage Servicing

With professional and experienced mortgage counselors, they will provide customers their best assistance step by step and quality guidance. Customized loan solutions are provided by Greentree to help realize goals and upgrade a client’s financial future.

Greentree Mortgage Servicing mortgage counselors describe various loan types for better understanding. The company treats each customer as individuals and not as numbers, they don’t believe in offering cookie cutter kind solutions.

They utilize knowledge, common sense, and experience to help everyone earn best possible loan at best fee, terms, and interest. Customers will completely benefit lots from working together with this mortgage company. It’s no wonder that Greentree received a 5-star lender status and an A+ rating.

What Help Does Greentree Mortgage Servicing Give?

To explain better, Greentree Mortgage Servicing will assist clients in numerous things. Beginning with loan fee and interest, answering questions tax-related, manage debts better, understanding credit score and report, maximizing investments, etc.

Other things like structure of monthly payment and how to save more on taxes, taking advantages of returns and deductions will be less of a worry. Experts and professionals of this company help customers with the whole complex paperwork and technical that is involved in loan financing.

Greentree Mortgage Servicing offers 6 types of loans in total. First off there’s FHA Mortgages, then Conventional Mortgages, VA Mortgages, USDA Mortgages, Jumbo Mortgages, and lastly Reverse Mortgages.

Each has its own benefits and suits certain needs depending on what a client require. Before deciding to work with them, make sure to study each loan type carefully to find the right choice. Before continuing, FHA Mortgages are divided into FHA 203K Rehab Mortgages and FHA Streamline Mortgages.

Greentree Mortgage Servicing also offers 4 other loan types than the ones listed above. There are Traditional Fixed Rate Mortgages, Cash-Back Options, Balloon Mortgage Loans, and Adjustable Rate Mortgages.

Greentree will find customers a mortgage that will fit specific needs and personal budgets. It won’t disappoint to trust them.