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Every mortgage company has its positive and negative sides. Homeowners or people who are thinking about taking mortgage loans have to learn about their mortgage company so they can experience the best mortgage loans.

Customers who are going to use this company’s service may find Greentree Mortgage reviews anywhere. The reviews range from service delivery to products that are offered by the company.

Reviews on Greentree Mortgage

This mortgage loans lender is a company that provides extensive mortgage plans for its customer base. Generally, Greentree Mortgage reviews on the company’s loan programs are positive.

In addition to more conventional mortgage loans, customers who wish to obtain higher than standard loans are able to get jumbo loans. This mortgage company is also trusted by government to offer loan programs such as VA and FHA loans.

It also helps with reverse mortgage programs that are designed specifically for retirees whose age 62 years old or older.

Greentree Mortgage Reviews

Moreover, Greentree Mortgage reviews by customers about the company’s service delivery are also positive. Customers praise this company’s helpful staffs especially during the beginning of mortgage process.

Those who do not understand mortgage procedures stated that the loan advisors from this company offer them very comprehensive explanation regarding mortgage regulations and process. They say that the explanation is very clear especially for first time home buyers who are not familiar with mortgage at all.

Customers also have mentioned that officers of this mortgage company have always responded to their questions and requests in timely manner.

This mortgage provider wants to work together with customers to give them opportunities on maximizing their investment and reducing unnecessary cost. Greentree Mortgage reviews mostly praise this company’s streamlined and up to date services.

Whether it is for purchasing or refinancing house, the mortgage company guides and works with customers step by step. General reviewers have stated that they are able to close their loans quickly when using this company’s service.

Not only that, officers of this company will inform customers when there is interest reduction in the market so customers can make lower monthly payments. It also keeps customers updated on new government regulations related to mortgage, whether it will be beneficial or not for them.

Greentree Mortgage reviews mostly praised loan advisors who work within the company. They said that loan advisors in the company are keeping in touch with them frequently and personally.

They respond fast and have their own company’s email address that customers can contact anytime they are encountering issues. This personalized customer service is in line with company’s belief that there is no single mortgage loan solution for every problem.

Although most of Greentree Mortgage reviews are positive, of course there are some negative ones. Some customers have stated that closing fees can be higher than what they initially expected.

On some cases the loans did not close on time and the interest rate is quiet high. This is usually due to timing or unstable financial situation. Some customers also reported advertising issues about the company’s services.

Customers who want to use the company’s service can definitely do prior research by visiting its website and reading customer reviews. Trusted Greentree Mortgage reviews can be found anywhere across the internet.