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Everyone looking to buy a new house definitely needs mortgage refinancing, that’s why Greentree Mortgage Refinance is worth checking out. Greentree Mortgage Servicing, LLC, is a company of mortgage servicing and broker with operations based in the United States.

They handle billings and additional aspects of managing a mortgage account. As they are a mortgage broker, they work with multiple lenders in order to find those best fit to meet needs of individual borrowers.

This company offers variety of insurance types through Greentree Insurance Agency. That is including homeowner’s insurance, vehicle insurance and home appliances insurance.

What is Greentree Mortgage Refinance exactly?

Greentree Mortgage Servicing Operation is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Meanwhile, Greentree Mortgage Broker division is headquartered in Tustin, California. “Relationships that work” is Greentree’s slogan as a leading mortgage company.

This company was first acquired by Walter Investment Management Corporation back in July 2011. A press release described Greentree Mortgage Refinance as providing a high-touch third-party servicing of credit-sensitive consumer loans.

Greentree Mortgage Refinance

Greentree Mortgage Refinance, as a mortgage broker, does not make loans on its own. Instead, they work together with a wide range of lenders offering various mortgage products as a result. In doing so, mortgage brokers are capable of helping a borrower earn mortgages with a lower rate.

Mortgage brokers handle various details of processing mortgage application, and leading them until process of closing. They are often valuable to borrowers with specific needs hoping for help by looking for the correct lender.

Greentree Mortgage Refinance handles variety of mortgage products, that including 15- and 30- year of fixed rate loans, also 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 hybrid ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages). They have earned a license as a mortgage broker in over 42 states and in the District of Columbia.

More on Greentree Mortgage Refinance

What Greentree Mortgage Refinance has to offer is refinancing on terms alike to regular mortgages for home purchasing. Additionally, Greentree takes a participation in the federal Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP for short.

It is a program designed for homeowners who are under pressure on mortgages or having less than 20% home equity. But as of April 2012, HARP refinances through this company became limited to mortgages having no more than 125% ratio of loan-to-value.

On the other side, Greentree stated that previous limit may be removed or raised in the future.

Mortgage servicing through Greentree is obviously exceptional. Aside from Greentree Mortgage Refinance, they handle business ends of managing mortgage accounts as previously stated.

To make it clearer, a mortgage servicer company is a company that clients send their mortgage payments to. Meanwhile in return, mortgage servicer handles escrow accounts, while also keeping track of account balances.

In Greentree Mortgage Refinance, when a borrower is facing difficulty making mortgage payments, contact mortgage servicer immediately. That is done in order to make an arrangement regarding modifications to mortgage loan.

Foreclosure proceeding initiation by a mortgage servicer will happen if a mortgage turns default. Other than that, rates of refinance mortgage under HARP or on conventional refinances are at market rates. Cooperate with Greentree and fulfill the dream.