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Payment is crucial part on mortgage. When having mortgage, you pay principal balance and its interest. Greentree Mortgage payment provides several ways to receive money from customers.

You can use Greentree online account, wire money or bank transfer. All methods have one purpose: fulfill your duty as borrower.

Greentree Mortgage payment consists of two parts. There are principal balance and interest. Principal balance is primary loan as the amount of money you borrow from lender.

Secondly, you also pay interest with varied rate. Greentree Mortgage loan is similar to other loans that need to be completed in specific period. This is why you have to put the utmost concern before deciding to apply it.

The rate from Greentree Mortgage payment is various, depending on your preference. Mostly, the rates have two types: fixed and adjustable one. Fixed rate does not fluctuate because the same level from beginning until the end of period is done.

However, this rate is also dependable to amount of money and period. Longer period may give lower rate, but you pay more than shorter one. This is vice versa condition for short period.

Adjustable rate will change to suit market level. You get various rates each year. However, Greentree Mortgage only lets adjustable one after three or five years of fixed rate. It helps borrowers to adapt before the changing rate begins.

Greentree Mortgage Payment Methods

Greentree Mortgage Payment

Greentree Mortgage provides useful website to support Greentree Mortgage payment. You can access it anywhere and anytime as long as the device is capable to get internet connection.

  1. Visit
  2. Go to login section.
  3. Type username and password then enter.
  4. Inside account, you go to payment area.
  5. Change into automatic pay and add routing number for bank account.

As it stated above, flexibility is the key thing when using Greentree Mortgage payment feature. You do not have to visit headquarter or branches just for paying the mortgage.

Moreover, online account is safer and secure due to high encryption tech. As long as you provide the bank account, your payment will be done automatically. This is the main advantage when using this method.

Sometimes, clients or customers are difficult to access Greentree Mortgage website. In this case, wire transfer is eligible.

You need to know the loan number to identify and verify then send money via check or wire method. It is quite useful, although it’s not as reliable as online payment.

To support Greentree Mortgage payment, customer service will be glad to help you. The company has been on mortgage market more than twenty year with long experience. Understanding what customers want is crucial to satisfy them.

You can find its number from official website at the top section. The number is 856-596-8858. It is available at business time.

Actually, the website already provides enough information. You can calculate mortgage and its payment via calculator section. Message board is available to get further inquiry.

Moreover, the company gives comprehensive explanation about type of loans from Greentree Mortgage. You will know each of them from the top menus. If you want to get in touch for discussing Greentree Mortgage payment, visit the office at 2 Eastwick Drive, Suite 300, gibbsboro, NJ 08026.