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Greentree Mortgage Complaints talks about how people express themselves in complaining about the mortgage company’s services. In this case, most complains come from the reviews given by the people through the mortgage company’s official website.

Nevertheless, as many other binary oppositions in this world, if there’s a bad side, then there must be a good side. This time, though, this article will provide only the mortgage’s company bad side just for you.

About the Mortgage Company

Green Tree Servicing, LLC is the chosen mortgage company for this Greentree Mortgage Complaints. As a mortgage company, it is differentiated into two parts; the mortgage broker and servicer.

The company operates all across United States. The first part, the mortgage broker, deals with many lenders in order to find the best choice in fulfilling the needs of the borrowers.

Meanwhile, the second part, deals with billing and other elements in managing accounts of mortgage as the representatives of other entities.

Greentree Mortgage Complaints

Aside from the company’s mortgage broker and servicer, it also offers a diverse kinds of insurance which include warranty insurance in covering diverse home systems and appliances; mobile homes insurance from the homeowner; and RV, automobile, motorcycle, and boat insurance as well through its Green Tea Insurance Agency.

Sometimes, people also call the mortgage company as Green Tea Credit Holdings or Green Tea Financial.

In July 2011, Walter Investment Management Corporation acquired the mortgage company due to its “high-touch, third-party servicing of credit-sensitive consumer loans.” This might be true as the mortgage company maintains its high quality and professional services through two different headquarters.

For the Corporate Address, it is located at 2 Eastwick Drive, Suite 300, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026. You can call the customer service for your Greentree Mortgage Complaints. Or, you can visit

What People Say about the Mortgage Company

The first Greentree Mortgage Complaints on the company’s official website state when it was time to pay for the closing loan, it had to be scheduled up to three times.

The loan terms was changed to 4% with $1584.40 incentive rebate from 4% with $2520 incentive rebate due to the delay. It was a really unfair experience for clients.

Next in Greentree Mortgage Complaints, some clients said they lost their home due to the fact that the company said that the house was not qualified for closing. Meanwhile, previously they said that the house looked good and they could find a potential buyer to buy the house

On a similar tone, let us take a look on another opinion from the former employee of the mortgage company. A former business analyst supervisor from Saint Paul, Minnesota told the Greentree Mortgage Complaints.

It is about the management team that did not support the other employees. The poorly-managed department team would punish the employees who failed in meeting the company’s goals. They even did not put the efforts in finding out whether the employee has the ability to do the works or not.

Another kind of Greentree Mortgage Complaints comes from the former account representative/senior collector from Federal Way, Washington. Working in the mortgage company was very stressful.

There was a lot of pressure to make people pay the loans. Your name will be written up if you failed in meeting the company’s goal or complained to your boss.