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Greentree Financial Mortgage is a great deal to all those looking for mortgage payment assistance. Dealing with financial issues is always a probability especially when about to buy a new house.

Getting help from experts and professionals who know their thing is what’s needed to fix circumstances. Greentree Credit Holdings offers customers a great array of mortgage products and servicing guaranteed to meet customers’ needs.

With a team of mortgage professionals, they are sure to make things worth the time. It’s not too late yet to consider contacting them and apply for mortgage. But remember that before applying, potential customers will need to meet its qualifications.

Loan Types Available in Greentree Financial Mortgage

In Greentree Financial Mortgage, they provide 6 loan types to choose. First one is FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Mortgage, which means loans are backed and insured by government and Federal Housing Administration.

Compared to traditional loans, this type has adaptable lending requirements. This loan type is funded by private lenders flexibly, making it have low qualification standards.

Greentree Financial Mortgage

That happened due to loans insured against the default. There are many benefits to gain from this plan, for example a flexible repayment term, refinance loans, FHA 203K Mortgage, etc. If this is the correct plan, then apply for it.

Greentree Home Lending also offers another loan type. Greentree Financial Mortgage’s Conventional Mortgages is the second type. These types aren’t guaranteed, made, or insured by any federal government.

Conventional Mortgages have established guidelines towards income requirements, borrower’s credit scores, and low down payments. This conventional loan might also become non-conforming. Non-conforming loans are mortgages that fail to meet funding standard guidelines.

Third loan type in Greentree Financial Mortgage is named VA Mortgages. This mortgage loan is specifically made for those who have served in the military and hoping to buy a house.

It is guaranteed by the US Department of Veteran Affairs and is granted by lenders. VA Mortgage is considered a financing product on the long-term offered only to American veterans that are eligible. They must be the ones that have served or are currently serving in the military.

Greentree Financial Mortgage has USDA Mortgages as its fourth loan type. USDA itself stands for United States Department of Agriculture.

This is offered exclusively by USDA-approved lenders that are also guaranteed and backed by the Department. Its aim is to help less fortunate people living in the rural areas of America.

As its fifth Greentree Financial Mortgage plan stands Jumbo Mortgages. This loan type is included as a non-conforming type. Jumbo loans are made available for investment properties, primary homes, and vacation homes.

It is then available as both fixed rate loans and adjustable rate. High risk is involved in this loan type due to high down payment and stricter underwriting.

Last but not least, Greentree Financial Mortgage offers Reverse Mortgages. Similar to VA Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage Loans are only available to senior citizens of America.

They are exclusive and used to dispense home equity. This enables senior homeowners to convert a part of home equity into some cash.